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By sunnybob
I no longer receive emails about replies to threads, and my PM box isnt working either.
I have checked through my control panel, I havent altered anything and all the correct boxes are ticked.
Can it be sorted please?
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By Steve Maskery
I'm having the same problem - sometimes.

Separately, I get notifications telling me that there has been a reply by Steve Maskery, when it is actually somebody quoting me.
By sunnybob
I often get the "self notification" but this is different. I am having to scan the entire new postings board for every thread that I contributed to because I didnt even get a notification of your reply.
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By nev
Could you try logging out of UKW, then clearing the cache and cookies related to UKW and then logging back in. See if that helps.

edit: Gerry beat me to it.
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By nev
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By nev
and testing 2 while you are offline.
By sunnybob
It worked one time from nev at 8.26 (where is this sites clock based?)

I havent changed any settings in the last 5 years, clearing the cookies did it.
Remember I am 2 hours ahead of GMT.
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sunnybob wrote: Remember I am 2 hours ahead of GMT.

Your profile preferences are set to GMT+2, but you also had summer time selected.
If you don't ever change that setting, for at least approx. half the year your posts will carry an incorrect time stamp.

You need to change it to Summer time on the 29th.
By sunnybob
Chas, today is the first time I have ever looked at a time stamp on a notification email. :roll: It will almost certainly be the last time I look as well. :lol:
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