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By thetyreman
and masks,

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By thetyreman
surely using dust masks will INCREASE not DECREASE the spread of the disease, because people falsely believe they are protected?
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By MikeG.
It seems that the most likely way for the virus to enter your system is by you touching your nose or mouth, which we do on average 90 times a day (yeah......someone counts these things!!). So a mask, any mask, stops us touching our face, and thus stops the bug getting from our hands into our lungs via the mouth and nose. You can wear a clown mask and achieve the same result. The virus is too big to remain airborne, so falls onto surfaces, so unless someone infected sneezes or coughs directly in your face the primary way of catching the bug is via something you touch. The mask serves as an addition to washing your hands.
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By RogerS
MikeG. wrote:.... the primary way of catching the bug is via something you touch. ....

Like those touch pads that delivery men ask you to sign !
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By Steve Maskery
I'm seriously considering wearing my powered respirator when I go out shopping. OK, the filters are for dust, but the virus is waterborne and water will not penetrate the filters. I might have to disinfect them regularly, though.
I do genuinely think that that is the biggest threat that my generation has been faced with.

We're all doomed, Mr. Mainwaring, we're all doomed.
By Keith 66
My wife is an environmental health officer, she is well up to speed on infectious disease control & was only at another meeting about corona virus yesterday.
Despite what facebook & adverts say, Dust masks offer precisely zero protection against viruses. they are too small. Point about stopping you touching your mouth may have some relavance but then you rub your eye, then you take your mask off & whatever is on it is on your hands, then you pick your nose, scratch your itchy head, put the mask in your pocket for re use later. Because there is a shortage of them & you dont want to run out! So you put a germ ridden thing that ought to have been incinerated back on your mush.
Do you think Operating theatre staff wear the same mask all day? No. They change it after every single operation as do their coveralls and they wash their bloody hands!
We were in London thursday night for a concert, riding up there on the tube i didnt see anyone wearing a mask, but if that virus gets down there it will be everywhere in a matter of days. Its going to be plastered on every escalalator handrail, every pole & button in every train carriage.. you stand on the platform & the train arrives pushing a hot breeze in front of it, someone sneezes at the upwind end, Oh dear you is all going to get some! On your clothes, in your eyes, in your hair.
You still think a crappy silverline dust mask will protect you?
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By RogerS
Catching up with the guys in the pub last night, quite a few companies up here have banned travel by public transport for their staff (large garage chain), minimising movement between garages, encouraging use of video-conferencing. My mate looks after a very large area for Motability and has three different video-conferencing systems on his laptop to service all the varieties out there in his patch.
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By Trainee neophyte
The only protection is quarantine. Other people are the problem. The question is: can you afford to not work? Can you afford to not travel? Can you afford to not go to the theatre/cinema/rock concert etc?

How much of a threat is this virus, compared to the real economic loss you would incur to not catch it? Everyone has their own decisions to make over this. Schools are closed for two weeks in my area - as there are people suffering from the virus. Do I assume that the worst outcome would be a few sniffles? Do I panic and pull up the drawbridge? Or do I make a decision somewhere in between, which means possible exposure to the virus, but also still get to go shopping?

My personal circumstances are quite unfair - I live in the middle of nowhere, with no near neighbours, and I have three months food available, plus another year's worth if I include what's on the hoof/trees. That's just normal everyday circumstances, so I am well set for a quarantine should it be necessary. If I lived in central London, and could only afford to keep doing so by going to work every day, things might have a very different perspective.
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By RogerS
My mate is a doctor and whose opinions and judgement I value. He's in agreement with me....get it early or later in the pandemic. So as I've got to return a 24Hr BP Monitor to the local hospital next week , I might just stick my head in the Coronavirus Pod and take a few deep breaths !
By Keith 66
Pete Maddex wrote:I get an extra day by turning my mask inside out, works with undercrackers as well.

Turn them back to front as well you get four days!