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By Mark Karacsonyi
Hi all,

Can anyone recommend a good fixed base router, that can ideally take 1/2” bits. Ebay is not helpful unless you are in the US, which is no help living in the 240 volt world.
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By Peter Sefton
Is it to be used free hand or in a router lift?

If it's the latter we may be able to help.

Cheers Peter
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By Peter Sefton
Hi Mark

I tend to use plunge routers for free hand work, hopefully someone else can help you out.

Cheers Peter
By TheUnicorn
Depending on your level of use I wonder whether a simple home made base would work? I was thinking of doing something simalr recently, essentially two heavy screws as pillars with a nut above and below the level of the collet to lock the height.
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By marcros
As far as my research went, I think that there is a high end Bosch model and a draper and not much else available in fixed base.

They seem very popular in the USA but rare over here.
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By MikeJhn
The Draper Expert is also worth looking at, it's perspex base and three work lights make it a pleasure to use.
By Mark Karacsonyi
Great thanks all. I just checked, strange I have never really been there before. Found a sexy looking Bosch model there with a change of bases.

Wife will be annoyed to see the transaction (hammer)