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By fezman
I think they are new to Lidl on the current DIY week. So until someone buys one, I doubt anyone will have any experience

They are similar in concept / look like a cheaper version of the Bosch PBD 40. Now the Bosch is a nice machine. Had mine about a year now and whilst I dont use it a great deal, it has done everything i've wanted it to. The digital depth stop and speed controls are superb. My only concern with it is the very slight wobble / play from the body to the stand. I've recently countered this by really tightening down on the clamp on the pillar. This has been much better, but i do wonder how long it will last with the force I am needing to apply to it to stop any wobble.

My previous experience of Lidl traditional style pillar drills was... it's on here somewhere... but lets just say it was returned in less than 24 hours as the quill wobble was huge.

To credit Lidl, when I did return it, they refunded me without hesitation. So if you are interested, I would say go for it, and if your not happy with it, they will likely refund it.
By Orraloon
The specs are impressive for the price. 700w and evs. How it will last is the question. If I was in the market I would at least have a look. As said there is a return policy.
By cookiemonster
harryc wrote:

Not great reviews.

Indeed. A bit difficult for a lazy English-only speaker like me to follow, but I think the general consensus is that the drill has dreadfully low torque at low revs and shakes about too much.

Which is a shame because one or two of the other Parkside tools have proved to be good VfM.

Also out this week are air wedges for about £7, which looks a bargain.
By powertools
I cant comment on the pillar drill but I can tell you that the air wedges are an absolute bargain. I have had mine I think for about 2 years and would recommend them to anybody.
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By twodoctors

I bought one.

My experience is more similar to this YouTuber. It works fine for me. I did try to stress it using the biggest Forstner bit that I have (48mm?) on a 18mm ply (the nearest scrap piece I have). Like most drill if you try to do it too quickly it will jam. This drill is no different.

The only odd thing I found with the drill is the varying speed it runs at. Speed is electronic controlled, and naturally when you start drilling the drill will slow down because resistance. The speed controller therefore put more power in to try to maintain the preset speed. So you do see the drill speeding up and slowing down on occasions. It's probably normal for the drill.

Unlike the traditional belt-driven drill, at lower RPM does not yield more torque. It's electronic speed control, not gear. With electric motor torque is related to speed (as more voltage = more speed = more torque) so I don't understand why they recommend lower speed for bigger drill bits.

Mine had no wobble.... all very smooth. One other drawback is that it does't do tilt. The platform is on the base. There is no table, so you can't tilt your piece for drilling obliquely. I haven't needed to drill at an angle since I went back to woodworking a few years ago, so I should be ok. The laser guide is a nice touch and fairly accurate.

I am still pondering whether to return this and get a traditional belt-driven bench drill or keep this one... I think I'll probably keep it!

By Raymond UK
#1337197 wrote:Thanks all. Will give the drill a miss but will aim to grab a pair of wedges, and some cable ties.

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I've bought some of the air wedges too. Not sure what to use them for though....