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By Keith 66
Mum passed away a year ago & our book collection has grown from reasonable to big! Just knocked a chimney breast out & had it plastered to make room.
I have approached four companies to give me a quote & two gave a ballpark figure of about 7k, time scale at least two to three months away, the other two havent come back with a price at all.
Im now rethinking & contemplating doing the job myself.
Anyone know where in Essex i can get good quality Oak or Cherry faced MDF rough cut to size? Im going to need about 5 sheets of 22mm but it will need cutting into long boards mostly 300mm wide with one sheet cut into 400mm wide.
My problem is although i have machinery circ saw, bandsaw, thicknesser etc i havent got the space to handle 8x4 mdf & cut it down. Once its sliced up i can deal with it!
Any pointers to suppliers who can do this would be welcome.
By Inspector
I was thinking along the lines of cutting each sheet into 2 or 3 pieces when you get it. Bringing that in and then finish cut it as you work.
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Hi Keith

Belated Condolences re your Mum.

Couple of places in/near Essex worth a try:

Blumson Timber Merchant, Barking
E Roberts Timber, Chingford area
T Chambers, Leyton and Forest Gate

Fulham Timber (good delivery range, might have a to pay a little)

"Brentwood Hardwood Offcuts", they don't do sheet goods, but they are friendly and may point you in a good direction for a local supplier.

Hope that helps

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By Eric The Viking
The local sheet goods supplier I use here will take a cutting list (they have an online tool).

OK, there is a charge for it, but I've got to the decrepit stage where even a full sheet of 3/8" ply is a workout. Also, the impregnated, melamine faced stuff used for flightcases and temporary staging ("Buffalo board") wrecks sawblades. So having it cut by the supplier is doubly helpful, and the delivery driver much prefers cut sheets to complete ones! They can get a far cleaner cut than I can, even with my railsaw, and if anything is damaged before or during delivery, it's not my responsibility.

I'm sure delivery costs to Essex will be pretty huge from here, but there really must be someone near you that offers the same service for good quality material. I wouldn't consider the sheds' cutting services, not coz the cutting is poor, but in my limited experience the stock is the cheapest available. If you find someone, don't forget to allow for their saw kerf!

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galleywood wrote:Try J Gards & Sons at East Hanningfield.
Ooh, these guys look good. They have a very interesting website and prices look reasonable on MDF (don't know what brand they use).

They also carry block board, which is harder to find.

Delivery a bit steep for me (66£) but still worth it for larger orders (relatively, I'm a DIYer).

Any other Essex recommendations Galleywood?
By Keith 66
Gards arent far from me will have a look!
First unit goes into an alcove between a wall & chimney breast 1100 wide x 2400 high, storage cupboard below 500mm high x 400 deep , 5 or 6 shelves above.
Second larger one 2300mm wide x 2400 high 500mm high storage coming out from wall 400mm with bookcases above at 300mm deep 5 or 6 shelves divders on a slightly randomised layout.
Will be drawing it up today so i know exaactly how many sheets of what im going to need.
By Keith 66
Thanks for more ideas, Timbmet at Basildon also have a good selection. Will have a shufti next week.
By Alex
Hi Keith. If its oak veneer bookcase you are after have a look at Ikea Billy oak veneer bookcases. They are proper oak veneer with finish that looks oiled. At £55 for 800mm x 2000mm, six shelves included plus you can buy extra shelves and further sizes available. I can't even buy material for £55. Really sturdy if you put L brackets on top and screwed to wall. Quite easy to adapt with plunge saw if need cut one down. I've put quite few in for customers who have been thrilled with them. Worth a consideration.