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By kstano83
I have a problem with my EX-21 that keeps blowing fuses in my house. The first time it happened was all of a sudden while I was scrolling. I just turned the switch to on position and everything went off. The scroll saw fuse was burnt as well. I swapped it but it happened again. I had an electrician to take a look at it but it looks like I´d have to take the whole saw apart to measure anything. Which I don´t really want to do, while the saw is still under warranty.

Any clue?
By kstano83
I just chatted to Axminster and they are telling me to find an engineer to locate the problem so they can supply spare parts. As I´m outside UK, they say there is no way to have it warranty checked by them. Really?
Sorry to hear that kstano83. You really are having problems with that machine aren't you? Must be a "Friday afternoon" or a "Monday morning" jobbie! :D

I understand that you're in Slovakia, so I don't think that Axi are being unreasonable - AFAIK, they don't have any branches or anything anywhere overseas, and probably their nearest dealer to you is in Germany (Dictum Tools in Munich). But in the little experience I've had with Axi, I've found them to be always as helpful as possible, and IME they seem to be a reputable company too, so I suggest you try the following:

1. Call a local sparky (one who has experience of machinery, not just domestics) and get him to find out exactly what the problem is. Get him to list the spares you need, (you HAVE still got the manual with all the spare parts itemised in it, haven't you?), together with a description of exactly what is wrong. ALSO get the sparky to give you an itemised bill, including detail of his working time with you, his travel time/call out fee, etc, together with the total you have to pay him. And all the above in English if he possibly can.

2. Contact Axi again with all the above details, and offer to E-mail them a copy of the above. Then see if you can "do a deal" with them. For example "You - Axi - supply the necessary spares FOC, and I'll pay the postage and import duty, etc, for them; plus you - Axi - split the cost of the sparky with me, 50/50". Or something similar.

They may or may not go for something like that, but the machine HAS got a fault, it IS still in Warranty, and when they accepted your order they knew you live in Slovakia, so there should be some room for "negotiation" on their side. After all under the terms of the Warranty you could - I THINK - just ask for your money back!

HTH, good luck, let us know what happens please.
By kstano83
Yep. And it has to be before an important show or order every time.

I talked to Axminster last week and they offered me to pick up the saw (for free) and have it fixed in their team. It was actually me asking them to have it checked "myself" to find what is wrong and then just swap a spare part. Unfortunately to get to the "guts" I´d have to disassemble the whole saw I thought I´d rather accept their offer and send it back.
After they found out I´m not from UK, they said the only way to fix it is that I hire an engineer (no coverage of any expenses whatsoever) to identify a faulty part and then swap it myself. I was actually shocked to hear that. Nowhere I can see that warranty conditions differ depending on selling in UK or abroad. If I knew this I definitely would not get the saw from Axminster.
They said that they review each return case by case and do what is more convenient for the customer. They could arrange a pick up but it may take weeks plus delivery time, repair time etc.
I said that I MAY give it a try and take it apart and just have it checked by an electrician if he finds a problem. If not, or if I would not be able to put it together, they would have it picked up from me and fix it themself.

I find the whole case very unpleasant. It´s their product, that is still under warranty and I shouldn´t have any hassle with it.
If i knew I could just ask for a new one, or money back, I´d definitely do that. But I don´t think it´d be that easy.
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By Droogs
Tell them it is their legal responsibility to fix or replace as it was sold while UK is still in the EU/ and EU law applies in will still apply even after it has left due to date of sale and you will take legal action if they do not cough up
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By Droogs
fantastic, very happy for you. now go wear it out (hammer)