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I bought a little "sewing machine" light thru Amazon. Loads of LEDs in it (about 8 I think) very strong magnetic base, and a sensible length flexible goose neck. Actually made in China, and mine actually came from there, but didn't take very long either (about 10 days if I remember) Cheap too - again if I remember, less than a tenner.

The only reservation I had/have was with the fitted mains lead supplied - about the thinnest conductors on any mains cable I've ever seen in my life! But so far so good, no problems at all, and the mains plug doesn't get even slightly warm.

The magnetic base clamps very firmly to anywhere I like on the Ex21 arm, or indeed, the table.

Was a great buy which I first got on to through a thread on that subject here in the Scrolling section. If I remember correctly the relevant post was by Claymore, but it's several years back now.

A P.S: I bought 2 of them actually, one for me (above) and one for my wife's sewing machine. But the casings on her machine/s are non-magnetic, so I had to rig up a little steel plate up for here to "stick" her lamp base onto.

HTH. (IF you need it, I can probably find the details, but I guess a quick search through Amazon's web pages will locate it OK. Let me know if any probs).

Edit for a P.S. After posting the above I just noticed the word "magnifying" in the title of your OP. The above has NO magnifier, sorry. I do actually also have a magnifying light (with a normal bulb) on an Anglepoise type arm above my saw, but it really is about a million years old and I've no idea where it came from, sorry.
By Roland
Having failed to find a magnifying light that I liked I opted for a clip-on lamp and a pair of extra strong reading glasses.
By aramco
hi I have found this one on Ebay item number 192970382981 and it looks good, two options either desk mounted or floor so am going to test drive it, I will let you all know he out come.

take care
By stevebuk
i have always used the magnify headband which has the magnified plastic eye pieces in, i found it to be far better than a light and magnifier combination.
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By Honest John
I have one that I bought at a sale on good old Maplins, back in the day before it all went wrong for them. I use it at my bench for a whole lot of activities that require good light and a bit of help with small things. I have taken it over to my scroll station but to be honest I found it to be a bit in the way. Two issues really, 1. The whole thing was in my way, and 2 the focal length of the lens was awkward in that it had to be close to my scrollsaw and from memory I had also to be close to the lens. Didn’t like it at all. Of course it could just be my particular lamp and others may be different. I found as has already been mentioned, that the headband arrangement with changeable lenses seemed to work better.
By powertools
I also have the light from Mappings but I have found that looking through the lens is more of a hinderence than a help.
I would recommend just getting a light.
I guess it's like so many other things, it depends what you like/what you're used to/your own personal preferences. As glasses wearer I get on well with the magnifying light similar to the one Kstano linked to (but mine's now about a million years old), but I don't use it for all cutting by any means, only the smaller/tighter intricate cuts.

I also guess that you have to try one yourself before you decide it's useful to you personally or not.

Not much help really, am I? :oops:
By aramco
hi all and thanks for your input .

Had a real think about this and am not totally convinced that one of these would be such a good idea,

wasnt happy with the head band magnifying set up , ruined a good pair of glasses with clip ons,so have gone another direction, got rid of the large ear defenders and gone with bud type,which will allow the head band magnifier to be used and I am test driving one of those masks ,that, fit flat on the face, instead of the bulky type, which the filters cost and arm and a leg, and have to changed virtually as soon as you put a new filter in, but to press cannot get it to seal right , still mists up my glasses , maybe I aint got it tight enough, so will persevere.

again thanks
take care
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By Peter Sefton
I have had a couple both of which have broken over the years from Maplins and Axminster, by far the best one and still working is from these people. They usually have a stand next to me at Harrogate and always look busy.

Cheers Peter
By whatknot
I don't think its going to be of much help but for what its worth

I have one of the headband with light and magnifying lenses, not much use on the scroll saw but helpful for watches, small item repairs etc

I have a desk magnifying light with a bendy stem, its okay but not long enough in the stem as you need to have somewhere next to the scroll saw to place it

And I picked up an ex medical magnifying light, on an anglepoise type arm, it had no base, and cost the princely sum of £2, I fitted a block to a hinged shelf which in turn is fitted to a wooden beam which is by the side of my main scroll saw on its stand and is by far the best item, I can angle it anywhere I like, and use the magnifier if needed, but mostly it acts as a light source right by my work

Like the attached but no desk clamp, mine just has a pin which I have fitted to the block on my hinged shelf