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By Munty Scruntfundle
Hi there.

I didn't think I'd ever want to turn pens. Then someone gave me a kit and said "...make me a pen...".

He wants a very simple design which is no problem and it's glued up right now ready to turn. But it made me think, if I came up with some fancy segmented designs maybe I would enjoy it.

Having just looked at prices for sheets of veneer online I'm now solidly against the idea again!

I can cut thin bits here, not veneer thin, but I could come up with something presentable. But the idea I'd really like to spend some time on would need a few different varieties of veneer.

Does anyone know where I can order small amounts? A5 or a4 sheets would be fine.

Many thanks.
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By Dalboy
Something I did as I was given a great pile of cherry veneer and wanted different colour was to cut off a piece just bigger than required and let is soak in some spirit stain because the veneer was so thin it soaked all the way through this enabled me to have various colours by just using a light coloured veneer.
So if you can get some cheap light coloured veneer you can change the colour as I did.
The veneer is some of that cherry I stained on a pen I made back in 2015.

DSCF5114 (792x316).jpg
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By Honest John
I don’t make many pens but segmenting with veneers or small slices cut on the bandsaw can be a lot of fun.
By RickG
I've got off-cuts of veneer I'd be happy to part with for the cost of the postage. One of the suppliers I use also sells small sheets as samples. They'd be ideal for segments for pens. I've certainly got a fair bit of walnut veneer spare.

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