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By mock
I have purchased this scroll saw in a auction it looks brand new except for the box a little tatty it has a 2 pin plug and i can only find these on ebay for sale from Germany ect can anyone give me a rough idea of what i should be looking to sell it for .The item was purchased with other items no i will be selling it to get back some of my money ££ thanks' Mock SOLD PLEASE DELETE OR EXPLAIN HOW I CAN DELETE IT THANKS'
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Apart from the colour, plus the shape of the "electronics box" on the top of the arm, it looks very similar to a (not very good) Einhell saw I purchased in Germany a few years back (my particular model now seems to be discontinued). The tools and table insert look very much like what came with my Einhell. IF memory serves, it cost me about 120 Euros new. I don't know the particular name brand of yours, but it looks pretty much like a whole range of similarly-priced saws available just about all over the place.

In short, from the picture it doesn't look to be particularly special/valuable in any way, but as you say, this one looks to be nearly new/little used

Assuming it's also in working condition I'd GUESS a price of roughly 40 to 50% of new price.

BTW, re the 2 pin plug. IF the electrical lead has only 2 conductors, not 3, then it's perfectly safe to run it with the 2 pin plug, or if fitting a UK type 3 pin plug before sale, then make sure that you do NOT connect the Earth (middle) pin!!! But OTOH, if the electrical lead has 3 conductors then you MUST connect the Earth (Green, or Yellow/Green conductor) to the Earth pin. Sorry if this bit is teaching granny to suck eggs!

Yeah, Holzkraft is a fairly well-known firm of German "badge engineer-ers". UNLESS that saw has something about it to differentiate it from the (almost) hundreds of scroll saws which are available with a VERY similar spec (and are mostly believed to originate from the same one or two Chinese factories) I really cannot see any way to justify the price shown in your link (nearly 300 quid/over 300 Euros).

But maybe I'm wrong, hard to tell from just a picture and (fairly vague) spec. What really matters is how well the arms have been cast, how well the "crankshaft" has been assembled and balanced, etc, etc.
By mock
It's a solid bit of kit and easy adjustment for tilting the table ;And i just found this spec on the web

This saw is very quiet (compared to SS16) and almost no vibration.

The saw is well designed and has many details, such as a drawer to keep the saw blade fuses and etc, the mountains in the center of the body has a thread where you can fit a lamp or magnifying glass as in the Dewalt DW788, but the catalog does not appear infotols this accessory.

This saw blades supported with pin or no pin (marquetry leaves life).

The blades can drop or change very quickly. Also incoarpora a quick tensioning system. With this system we can tighten the saw blade and release it quickly.

This saw features a system tanbien aspiration of sawdust.

After various tests, I am very happy with this saw.


Model DKS 530 Vario
Code 590 0505
Motor power 225 W / 230 V
Blade length 127 mm
Number of cuts 500 to 1550 min.
Max. cutting 90 ? 53 mm
Max. cutting 45 ? (left) 26 mm
Max. cutting 45 ? (right) 19 mm
Dimensions (L x W x H) 740 x 310 x 440 mm
Net weight 20.5 kg
By mock
Found them on Amozon uk also i think i will try to sell it for £250 it seams reasonable if they are selling for below And try and claw some money back spent in the auctions
Price: £364.14 + £34.92 delivery at Amozon uk ... nb_sb_noss

By whatknot
I wish you well in your sale

However, IMHO that is grossly overpricing it

As usual anything is worth what someone is prepared to pay for it

It is little wonder there are no reviews on Amazon as I do not believe anyone would pay that for what looks like a generic saw with a different badge on it

About the only attribute I can see for it over some others is the wattage at 225w , most of the cheapies have 90w to 120w

Personally I would consider getting £50 for it as a result

But again wish you well with it