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By phil.p

I can't get close enough to get a leaf, but as far as I can see it's an oak. I've never seen "acorns" anything like this, though. Any ideas?
By phil.p
That seems very likely - if so, it's one hell of an infestation - there are thousands of these and no normal acorns. There are thousands of Quercus Cerris n Cornwall, it's thought they were commonly planted to harvest as pit props as they are quicker growing than Petraea or Robur.
By John Brown
I have also noticed these, both in Surrey, and here in Gloucester, where we've just moved to.
Never really noticed them before this year.
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By marcros
I took a similar picture in Leeds to ask the same question. seen the odd one before, but not as many as I have this year.
By Yojevol
There here in abundance in North Glos; acorns as well so not all blossom was infected.
By lurker
I have an oak tree at the bottom of my garden. Normally has lots of proper acorns, this year they are just as in your picture.
By shed9
You will usually find small orangey-brown lumps on the underside of the leaves if you can get to them.
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By Bm101
I seem to have seen loads more than usual this year. Maybe I have been looking out for them more since Custards thread last August?
I remember someone showing me pignuts years ago and being a bit startled as they started appearing all around me once I knew what to look for.

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Need to take a bag or two and get the kids filling them up on the way back from the school run. They are all over the place at the moment.