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By Phil Pascoe
Could I request a minor addition to this, could we ask participants to make sure that their interests in their profile are up to date - James.

I did try to do that last year, but some people seem reluctant to do it, I don't know why.
What I was thinking to do this year is to ask everyone to email me 1/ their name and address, 2/ their user name, 3/their main interests and 4/whether they are left or right handed. If I can keep these seperate to any other correspondence it will mean I can forward them more easily. If you PM me your email I'll reply to it so we both have email addresses. I have to start from scratch as something wiped out my records. Also if you would prefer not to receive gifts from a particular member the draw can easily be wangled. I had the request once last year, although the eventuality didn't arise.
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By Phil Pascoe
I said Id post in September, but got a reply so I thought rather than run last years into this I'd get my retaliation in first and start another. No one needs hurry. :D
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By Phil Pascoe
There isn't a law that says you have to eat easter eggs in January ........... there isn't one that compels you to read and comment on threads that don't interest you, either.
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By Droogs
count me in :D
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By whiskywill
MikeG. wrote:Secret Santa in August! Surely there has to be a law against that? :lol:

Never too early. My local Co-op is already selling mince pies. Yum!
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By Phil Pascoe
Before we get any further I'll try to simplify things a little from last year. Could I have one email with
1/ your user name.
2/ your address.
3/ a short idea of your main interests (to save people's having to trawl past posts) and
4/ whether you are right or left handed.

and nothing else. I can then pass the email in its entirety to the Secret Santa without having to rewrite or edit it.

Any other comments, ideas, moans etc. are welcome, but can we please keep them to seperate emails.
Someone last year requested that they weren't drawn to give to another member - it didn't apply, as it happened - but if perchance anyone wishes not to give or receive from a particular person it isn't a big deal as long as I know before the names are drawn.
I aim to get applications in by and draw on 31/10, which gives about six working weeks before last postage - aim for about 10/12. The draw will not depend on an even number, as it will be a round robin - anyone coming late will have to receive from me, and send theirs to whomever I would have sent mine. :D

If we could stick to emails, please, rather tham PMs - I find them easier to organise.
As I have gremlins deleting whole random categories of emails in Gmail please use my Sky email address -
phil.pascoe at ....... no gaps. :D
I apologise to those who sent me this information already, but a gremlin has stolen it - could you send it again? Thanks. If you wish total anonymity feel free to email and not post on the thread that you've entered. :D
By AJB Temple
I would like to do this but I am not sure what the rules are. Do we buy something or do we have to make something? I suspect most of us have got every tool we are ever likely to need, so I am wondering how we decide what gift to give.