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By Eyesaw
I"d recomend a makita 700c palm router if anybody is looking to buy.
I"ve used it as a palm router for edging and for cutting out circles in 1/2" ply and mdf.
I also mounted the router under a bench and run some stock through it. Some profiles took a couple of passes but quality and load on motor was impressive for such a small machine.

Thank you.
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By Trevanion
I've never had a bad thing to say about Makita routers, I've got a Makita RP2301FCXK 1/2" router and it's a lovely bit of kit. The linear ball bearings on the plunge action make for a buttery smooth plunge all the time compared to other routers which you have to constantly keep lubricated so they don't judder and jam up as you plunge. It's possibly not as accurate of a plunge with the bearings rather than a solid rod and bushing construction but it's good enough for me. Soft start is nice but most routers have this feature now, still much better than the horrendous kick you used to get off old routers, there's still a kick once you stop it though because there is an electric brake that stops a cutter in two seconds flat, which is another nice feature. The work light can also be an absolute godsend when working to a line since a router obscures so much light by nature. The fence that comes with it is also very substantial and robust.

All in all, they're good machines.