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By Trainee neophyte
SVB wrote:Folks,

Spotted this fantastic looking piece of kit - any takers?!?!

Festfool Saw


I can't get your link to open, so I can only guess. However, there are a lot of Bosck hammer drills for sale at our local market. We also get some scary chainsaws - not sure of the brand, but it's probably almost Stihl, but not quite. I have never been brave enough to get close enough to read the label. Mostly because they are being hawked by gypsies. What could possibly go wrong?
By Keith 66
There seems to be a bit of a fashion for appallingly dangerous tools & attachments at the moment, Adverts keep popping up on my facebook feed for Chainsaw & Circular saw attachments for angle grinders, Adverts always show men ripping up pallets or trees in stupid ways with no safety gear.
You tube is also full of videos showing such stuff often home made.
One very popular you tube channel Tips from a shipwright showed the bloke removing a plank from under a wooden fishing boat, Tool he was using was an angle grinder with 8" circ saw blade mounted on it, No guard.
Now the man obviously is highly skilled & very good at his job but surely he should bear some responsibility towards his viewers who are likely to copy him.
To me using stuff like this is bordering on suicidal. I wonder how long it will be before somone loses a limb or dies through using one?
By Rorschach
Terrifying tools like that were probably very useful and almost essential in the past and probably still are in certain countries where tools are expensive and life is cheap.

A tool like that is replaced here with the oscillating multi tool, once an expensive bit of kit now it is cheap and is a safe, easy to use tool for those awkward cuts. Someone is China or parts of India for example may not have access to that kind of tool, but they do own a drill or an angle grinder so they have to make do.
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Already happened sadly, in this country. A block with a circular saw blade on an angle grinder was trying to remove a stump. It kicked back, and hit him in the jugular. He died.

I'll try and dig up the news article link

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By Trevanion
I remember seeing an episode of “Bizarre ER” once where an elderly bloke had ran out of petrol for his hedge trimmer and decided to finish the job by taking his handheld circular saw, holding back the guard with his fingers and went at the hedge with it. Needless to say the saw bound up in the foliage and his fingers slipped right into the blade, hence how he ended up in the ER.

There’s idiots at all ages from all walks of life I find.
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By Stanleymonkey
I remember years ago watching Watchdog. Someon was on there who had hired a chainsaw and had and accident whilst using it. She has injured her feet and had been cutting the tree wearing her slippers. She felt that more advice should have been given!