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By Hornbeam
My VL300 has developed a rotational knock from the headstock end. I have taken the headstock out and checked belt and pulleys for debris etc. Headstock bearings are both well greased and seem smooth but I am running out of ideas of anything else.
Headstock bearings are P00072 vic marc code or 67048R.
There seem to be a number of 67048R bearings. Has anybody replaced these and where did you obtain bearings from
Thanks Ian
By minilathe22
If you want to narrow the noise down to being the headstock (and not the motor) try turning the headstock with an electric handheld drill, and the belt lifted off (if this is possible on your lathe, I am not familiar with that exact model).

I believe the "67048R" code relates to the main dimensions of the bearing, and many companies will make bearings to that size, but from different materials and to a higher/lower quality. Given the effort to replace the bearings it is perhaps worth spending a bit more than the cheapest ones available.
By BertD
Have you checked the pulley set screws? On both the spindle shaft and the motor shaft? If the knock started suddenly I would doubt a bearing failure. The tapered roller bearing in the Vicmarc 300 are very robust and even if not preloaded correctly would not likely knock but may exhibit lateral end to end motion. Did you have a chuck on the spindle? I have had a chuck jaw come loose and cause a clicking noise on my V300. At that time I checked the pulley mount set screws and rotated by hand all smooth. I found the one chuck jaw loose only after running the lathe with a blank held against it with tailstock, it made a clicking sound. How old is the unit?
By Hornbeam
Thanks for the suggestions. Removed headstock and both bearings looked in very good nick. As suggested tried running using electric drill and no problem. Noise is worse when on slower speed when on outer pulley on motor shaft. Problem traced to motor bearings.
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Ian, not sure who Vic’y dealer is in UK now (or if there is one). However, a polite email to Phil Irons (acknowledging your after some ideas rather than serious time commitment - Phil used to be the dealer & no longer is - moved to Black Isle Woodturning iirc more recently) but Phil is a really nice bloke and he may have some ideas of where to go next in fault finding.

Also, happy to look at my 300 to see if there are visual things / measurements you need from one working fine.

Hope that helps

By Hornbeam
Thanks Simon. I originally bought the lathe from Phil in 1999. As you said a really good bloke. Andy at Black Isle recently gave up the dealership. Problem with motor bearings not really an issue and have changed. Thanks