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By Roland
Strange one this. My neighbour moved out and left this Clarke 37” wood lathe, mounted on a table with folding legs. As far as I can see it’s never been used. However .... it’s been stored for years and the frame is rusty.

I don’t want anything for it, so you can come and collect for free from near Loughborough. If unclaimed by the end of the month (May) then it’s going to the tip.
By Roland
The lathe runs. It appears unused. The screw chuck is still packed in it’s box. The only apparent problem is that the tube which forms the lathe bed rail is rusted.

I’ve got someone who’s interested in cleaning it up and learning to turn. If he changes his mind I’ll come back to you.
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By Garno
I would also like to put my name on it.
I would also be looking to clean it up and use it to learn the art of turning.