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By E-wan
I am in need of a 16mm drill bit for drilling quarter inch thick 1 inch by 2 inch rectangular section aluminium.

I already have a set of bits up to 13 mm from wealden tools

Would prefer not to use a step drill so I can drill straight through the bar without having to flip it over

The item in the photograph below will be fitted into the hole I only need to drill a couple of holes

Any advice on where to find a quality drill bit for this purpose for use in my pillar drill would be really helpful, doesn't need to be reduced shank as my chuck can take bits up to 16mm

The holes need to be fairly accurate as it's for holding quick-release wheelchair hubs which are being converted into a trolley.



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By phil.p
Yes, they are blacksmith's bits with the reduced shank. I suppose if you're buying you'd just as well get one of them in case you wish to use it in a different drill with a 1/2" chuck.