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By basssound
How would you tackle this regarding the boxing out.
I'm splitting the area into four doors in which the tallest door in front of the gas and electric will be hinged open, the other three will be pull out cupboards.
I'm thinking MR MDF and loose tennons to form the shaker style doors.
As for the pull out cupboards, how would you tackle them.
Would you build a large triangular box and slide that in with partitions to mount the slides onto, build it as seperate slide out boxes mounted to trays individually fitted onto the floor I've built up or would you stud frame it all and mount MR MDF to the studs to form partitions.

My only issues is the staircase is bowed in so having the doors flush to the stringer will sow an gap in the centre two doors.

Hers a picture of the area, I've already lined it out with softwood plywood.


By pulleyt
I built in storage units under our stairs a couple of years ago which I posted about here.

I went with partitions and attached the drawer slides to them. I also inset the whole structure by about 100 mm so that I could fit a strip of timber and scribe it to the stringer, as well as using a trim router bit to then tidy up the stringer to the timber joint.

It's holding up well and I do the same again if faced with the same challenge.
By muzzy
Just on a similar project at home. I decided to make the frame to accomodate sliding rails for the mdf drawers.
The idea being i can fix the final drawer fronts after i had finished which is quite handy as i am still undecided.


By basssound
As you can see, I've made a start.
I decided to go down the studding route, I'll be finishing that today and making the sliding trays.
I'll build the cabinets separate, mount them to the trays and build some doors.