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By nonfussy

I'm looking for advice with replacing the chuck on my corded Makita drill, an HP2070

Basically, it's a really terrible keyed chuck; it loosens all the time in use - especially, but not only, when in hammer mode. I know I'd be better off with an SDS for masonry, but as I don't have the money for a new tool, I'm hoping that replacing the chuck with something decent will help. I mean, I've never had this trouble with the Jacobs keyless on my 18v cordless.

So, any recommendations? And are there universal/common types/sizes of fittings for drills of this size. I will remove the current one and check that when I get home.

Thanks! :D
By finish_that
Depends on your budget , looks like the chuck is a screw on type according to the parts diagrams , so a chuck will cost a minimum of around £10 up to £30+ for a genuine or better quality version.
I you are regularly drilling into brick etc then you could get something like a cheap SDS - available from Screwfix and Aim tools - Katsu brand from ebbay for £40 - they come with drills and even a screw on chuck and adaptor for SDS.
I have not had my hands on one but based on the router and mini drill I got from them for occasional use they are more than up to it.
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By nonfussy

Thanks for your reply.

I have no problem spending a bit on improving what is otherwise a decent tool. I am having real trouble removing the chuck however - I've tried steps 5 and 7 in this guide with no success:

The parts diagram doesn't show a retaining screw (and I don't see one) so I don't know what is stopping me. I may have to try a bit of heat...
By sunnybob
Heat is not a good idea on a shaft connected to soft copper windings coated in extremely thin lacquer.

My makita battery drill has a circlip holding the chuck together. i have had it apart without actually removing it from the driil, look closely to see if yours has one too.
By finish_that
The methods listed on that link do not include :
- putting the chuck key in and giving it a sharp whack with a solid metal hammer.
this is what I have used in the past , it can damage the key/chuck.
- the last very stuck keyless chuck got the very drastic welding of a 19mm bolt into the jaws of the chuck followed buy an air impact gun undoing the welded in bolt - that worked!
(I think the heat of the mig welding quickly expanded the chuck and did the trick - the air impact gun was just for show)

Whilst using allen keys in the chuck jaws looks like a good method, it actually makes a very poor point contact with the jaws and will only transmit a very low twisting force before the allen key slips.
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By Pete Maddex
finish_that wrote: Whilst using allen keys in the chuck jaws looks like a good method, it actually makes a very poor point contact with the jaws and will only transmit a very low twisting force before the allen key slips.


how come you can undo allen headed bolts with a allen key?

I have used this method without any problems.

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By nonfussy
Thanks for the suggestions people. Yes, Sideways - I'm thinking it will be a Röhm or Jacobs

Re the use of the allen key - it definitely didn't slip (practically the only thing fixed in this chuck that hasn't!) - I actually tripped the breaker for the workshop when I secured the chucked up allen key in the vice and ran the drill in reverse. That is how stubborn it is.

I had it soaked in WD40 overnight and tried again, but still no joy. I will see if I can borrow a pipe wrench big enough to grip the outside of the chuck - that should give me more leverage too.

Here some pictures of what I'm dealing with - if you see anything I'm missing, please let me know:




By finish_that
ref the allen key slipping , I dont mean completely slipping - its more like not being able to transmit the sharp force needed to shock the chuck undone.
One way to try is with an impact driver in reverse and an allen key bit held by the Makita chuck , can try but I found the chuck looses its grip if the chuck is on tight.

A rohm keyless chuck will be pricey!