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By ejtrent
Hey all,

Odd one here, no idea if it will sell.

This is a tabletop I made a year ago for a project that ended up not happening and I have held onto the tabletop. This has a lot of work on it, it was two sequential slabs bought from English Woodlands Timber in Sussex and it was a very long process of milling. This was first router sledded, then meticulously jointed and finally all the open pips were filled with black epoxy.

The top has a few coats of clear water based varnish on it, which I would definitely recommend removing and oiling. On the underside of the top there is also an carving stating my surname and the year I made it. It's developed a slight cup but due to it being only 30mm thick im sure a sturdy table base would take it out with some turn buttons.

This is of course collection only and my workshop is in Poole. The material at the time was very expensive and it has 3 or 4 days labour in it. If memory serves I spent around £800 on the pippy oak but given the situation that I just need it gone I'm after £600 collected for it.

This would of course be an ideal candidate for one table or potentially you could make several small ones from it - for example it would make 4 coffee table tops quite easily.



By AJB Temple
Can you pm me a pic please with a straight edge across it to show the cupping. I may well be interested but I would need to do some work on it to let it in to a larger top. PM me if you like and we can discuss on the phone.