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By Droogs
I say chaps,
Are we ever going to be able to use the other parts of the site again. This problem has been mentioned quite a few times but nothing ever seems to happen about it. Going into the other sections of the website I ,along with many others, seem to be able to only view those sections. We still can not add a write up nor make comments about things already there.

I continually get the following message "Only registered members can post content. Please login....".

The last item that seems to have been successfully posted on any of the sections appears to have been Alexam a couple of years ago. I believe this problem is why people post WIPs and projects in the general forum as this appears to be the only part that works. The reason I ask is that I am working on a project blog/how to for the router table I am making, it is a full article kind of thing with lots of pictures and full descriptions etc. It would be nice to put this in the projects section rather than have it lost in the large volume of general stuff

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By AndyT
Well, I suggest you use the active Projects forum instead - here:


The bits of the site outside the forum haven't worked for years and I suspect most of us never even look at them. I get the impression that the site owner, Charley, used to be into woodwork himself and set them all up, but must have moved on to other things, popping back only for essential work such as the last general update to the forum software.

On checking, he has posted in December:


but not in response to this question, as far as I can see, not since last February.
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By Droogs
cheers Andy