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By screwpainting
Hi, I have Adblock Plus installed (Win 7 & Vista on same pc) and I keep getting the blue box come up on this forum asking me to switch it off while on here. I have tried every which way to do this and I still keep getting the blue box come up asking would I mind turning it off.
Help :?
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By AndyT
I can't help then, I don't use it any more. Sorry.
You could try uninstalling and reinstalling it, updating the browser and Adblocker, different browser etc.
By sunnybob
If you have two different systems on the same computer, I suspect you would need to load each system separately and disable each. there are bound to be multiple shared files between the two.

I mean no disrespect to this site but that would be a lot of work each time you visit, especially if you have no intention of buying from any of the ads.
By phil.p
Does disabling it work on other sites? :?
By screwpainting
Thanks for the replies, I think your right there Bob, too much faff.
I don't get any notifications from other sites I use Phil so I don't know. I think I'll just leave it, I did try.
By phil.p
The little hand symbol goes green when Adblock is disabled and back to red when you enable it again.
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By Bm101
I use it . Consistently inconsistent on UKW for some reason. Works well on most websites. Who knows.

Yesterday it worked. Today. Nada. :roll:


Click on the highlighted gives varying options of what to block via the slidebars.


Both bars to the left as above seems to allow everything.

Green hand of Ad Enablement appears. O:)
Could be there a day or a week. At some point I will get The Big Blue Disappointed Face Box.
I just turn it off again.
I suspect some 'back door code chaff issues[' in the same way and manner of understanding that Mathew Hopkins probably understood the ever popular historical classic 'The Popular Use of Essential Oiles and Wilde Remedys in Moderne Daye 1664 Englande for Fymales. ' mind you.
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I suspect if multiple content blocking/filtering software is or has been run such as AdBlocking , Ghostery and multiple browser filtering options then things can take some in depth digging to clear out conflicting cookies and registry entries.
By phil.p
Another 470,000 ads. blocked and Bm101 will have caught me up. :lol:
I went for quite a long while with AdBlock disabled for this site without getting ads. other than the Appleby's and Axi then suddenly I got the lot.
By screwpainting
Sorry guys I didn't see these replies, I will have another go at it but this is and old Vista pc with win 7 installed just for web browsing after they stopped support for Vista. I will be getting a new one soon so will just put up with it till then.

Thanks for the advice.
By Phil Hansen
The continual adblocker reminders and the cookie policy messages are a pain.
Not worth putting up with these messages all the time.