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By kenboy-01
Hi I am hoping you can put me in the right direction with this, just of late the lathe constantly trips out, I do not have the knowledge to determine what the likely cause could be i.e. Brushes worn out or maybe the switch box itself, perhaps someone may have experienced this with type of lathe.

Regards Ken
By lurker
First , I have no idea what your lathe looks like.
Second, it could be one of many things causing it.

BUT, have a look at the capacitor(assuming there is one) body to see if it is showing damage.
If it is the fix is fairly easy.
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By Lons
I can't help with the problem, will need an electrician to test it I would think.

It's like this Lurker and from the one I had years ago I seem to remember a capacitor on the back of the motor.
Was a nice little lathe in its' day.
By lurker

From what Lons suggests the capacitor is likely to be in that box at the back.
Disconnect the power and have a look at it.
Sometimes when they pack up, you can see the damage.
If it is the you need an equivalent replacement annd you just swap out
All this requires no electrical knowledge

Obviously anything else will require some expertise
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By Dalboy
Something worth checking is the motor and switch to see if there is excess build up of dust. Look for any damaged wires while you are there
By kenboy-01
Hi thanks for the input I followed the last peace of advice and gave everything a good clean out (Lots of dust build up) and oiled the bearings, seems to working fine now