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By BenM

I'm making a sliding gate out of a steel frame and seasoned horizontal oak planks.
One side is directly south facing.
Any recommendations for a resistant finish?
I'm thinking a few coats of boiled linseed oil as it will not peel and can just be recoated. Its also cheap and quick :)

Does that sound sensible?
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By AndyT
I think it's a better option to learn to love the silvery grey colour that the oak will get if you just leave it alone.
Adding a finish won't always preserve the fresh golden colour unless you are really vigilant.

I used Le Tonkinois marine varnish (based on Tung oil) as shown here


Incidentally, I remember asking about boiled linseed oil on oak a while back as my bottle had a warning on it saying it wasn't suitable. There's a useful discussion here


mostly saying it's ok but can go black.
By BenM
Thanks for the reply.
I've never heard of not using BLO on oak before. I use it all the time. I read the instructions on a bottle of Axminster BLO and it says not for exterior oak but doesn't say why.
Maybe I'll gor for tung oil then.
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By Lazurus
Just made some gates myself I used Rye Oils Decking oil, brilliant stuff, I will be using it on other exterior projects in the future.