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By Kennygunn1
Hey folks, newbie here asking a question that has probably been asked a million times before but;
I have the Aldi scroll saw which cuts 3mm MDF fine, with reasonable efficiency etc. Last night I tried some 9mm cheap pine and wow, what can I say! the difference was like night and day in regards to cutting, in a bad way. I found my cutting drift was terrible and trying to cut any sort of turn, tight angle was a nightmare or just impossible!
Whilst cutting the pine I am seeing so much torque on my blade that when I turn my blank the whole blade just turns with it to such an extent that I can see the cutting face of the blade facing almost 90º ( I have the blade tightened to a C pitch (ting!)). I am hopeful that it is just the blades I am using, the ones that came with the saw, and I will see an improvement when the new ones I ordered arrive. Am I right in this assumption or am I missing something more fundamental?
Sorry for the long post #-o
Yes Kenny, basically your assumption is right - most probably the blades that came with that saw are "carp". This whole subject has come up a lot just recently, so rather that go posting all the "same old, same old" stuff all over again I suggest you go back through a few of the recent posts in this section. You'll even find a couple of blade size charts which you can down load and print out, plus some practice patterns.

By Kennygunn1
Perfect thanks! Like I said I had a feeling the blades would be... less than great, but wanted to make sure I was not missing something that was well known to experienced folk.
Cheers for the info :D can’t wait to give it a whirl with my new blades