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By heatherw
I need to replace the scales on a pottery slab roller. There is one on each side, they are very flimsy label types and have worn considerably. They need to measure around 10cm, and read from bottom to top, and it would be better if they were only scaled in whole millimetres.

Any one know where I can get one from? So far the only site I've found has been in India, though it's possible that I'm not using the correct search terms.
By Sideways
Unless accuracy is critical, could you print something out from your PC and then put through a hot laminator or use "sticky backed plastic" ?
Or put a paper scale behind a thin strip of perspex or acrylic.
Scales on a lot of machinery are for "indication" as parallax error etc means that they can't be read that accurately in the first place. The few percent error that will arise when you print out a scale may not be significant.
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By Bm101
Funny enough just been on axminster website for summat completely unrelated... on thei front page and thought of your post.
Would this do? ... ape-104793

By skelph
heatherw - would Item 29 on the following page be suitable. It's the vertical scale on a DeWalt thicknesser but other makes would have a similar scale.
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Good luck,
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By Trevanion
loftyhermes wrote:Thicknessers and pillar drills have a vertical scale, try looking for spares for one of those.

skelph wrote:heatherw - would Item 29 on the following page be suitable. It's the vertical scale on a DeWalt thicknesser but other makes would have a similar scale.

The only problem with the thicknesser scales is that they read from top to bottom, what they want is from bottom to top. If you put one of those scales on you would be reading it upside down, which would be worse than sideways.

These might work for you, Albeit it's in America and they don't ship to the UK and it's 1m long:

You might have better luck contacting the company (Oregon Rule Company) directly and asking whether they would send one to the UK, It would possibly cost you an arm and a leg though.

You might be best looking for somebody who does vinyl/sticker cutting and ask whether they would make a scale for you, It might cost a bit more but at least you wouldn't have to pay shipping + import charges.
By heatherw
Ahhh, I knew you lot would come up with some answers! I hadn't thought of a planer thicknesser scale and those look perfect!
The problem with the thin stainless steel rules which were my first thought is that they tend to have the first 10mm in half millimetres and as that is the part that we use the most, we'd need to be using head torches. We really don't need to be that accurate, it's more about repeatability.
I had ruled out the States cos of their obsession with inches, and as you say the Oregon Rule Company will probably charge 30 quid for packing, and then there's import duty. The article seems to be ideal, thin, self adhesive and durable. I'll see what they say.
Thank you everyone, I've got much more idea about where to look now.