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By aramco
will be missing for a while going awol as from tonight back surgery AM Thursday, and will not be able to do anything for six weeks , so I am told .

take care
By aramco
Hi all thanks for the kind words ,got back home yesterday op not a complete success and has left further problems to over come may end up under the knife again to correct them, not sure if or when I will be ever back in the shop.

Take care
Really sorry to hear that John. I wish you a good outcome whatever happens and hope you'll be back in the shop somehow/sometime. I find it helps keep me sane (better said, "saner than I would be otherwise").

I don't know if it's any help but there's a bloke on here who lost one or both feet, another with all sorts of neurological problems meaning he can hardly move his hands, and another here who's only got one hand/arm. No doubt others too.

If you want what for me is a really prime example of "mind over matter" a young woman (about 30 I guess) belonging to out choir comes through the (quite busy) city of Basel to practice every week. She's confined to a bed (literally) and can only lie on her tummy, slightly tilted to one side, with her head lifted up by a pillow affair. The bed (and it is really a bed-sized bed!) is battery powered, has lights front and rear, and is controlled by a small joy stick set up in front where she can reach it with her right hand. She steers that "bed" through city traffic and back every week (the normal cars, vans, lorries, buses, bikes, etc, found in every city, plus we have trams in Basel too). "She's got balls she has"! How she does it I just dunno!

But it certainly serves to regularly remind me that my own problems aren't SO bad after all.

Maybe that "picture" helps you a bit? I do hope so.
By John15
All the best John. I'm a serious back sufferer so I've an idea how you feel.

By aramco
thanks again for the support, the back and maybe the foot will sort its self out hopefully, but during nerve conductive tests it was found, I have mild to serious carpel tunnel problems in my right hand an serious to major in my left hand and have been advised against any ops , as I will not benefit from them , and that is why I did say I might not do any work again due to vibs ,so at this time I am trying to sort out what things may help ie wrist assistance, anti vib gloves and stuff to dampen down vibs from my machines etc I do believe there are finger less cyclists gloves available , but if anyone has any suggestions I will seriously look at them so I can get back in the shop.

As a major added bonus it was proven beyond doubt that the motor neuron problem I was diagnosed with 30 years ago was wrong, and it has been arthritis all along which lifts large burden off of both my wife's and my shoulders for this I will be forever grateful if nothing else.

takes care
Well some good news in there John, so that's good.

There's another thread on here going at the moment about anti-vibration gloves which you may care to look at.

I haven't responded to that because I have no real experience of such things. About the only thing I can say is that I do wear gloves for general protection for some jobs in the shop but I wouldn't think they're all that much good for anti-vibration. However they do consist of a thin-ish "plastic" slightly "bobbled" palm and under finger areas which do provide some damping while not affecting the feel too much, plus they're a sort of lightly elasticated (nylon I guess) mesh on the upper surfaces. I find them quite good in the shop.

Here they come under the name of Dynamic EN 388 RP-4101 plus there's a CE marking (if any of that means anything to you). They're quite cheap, about 2 or 3 quid a pair, and are quite common, often seen in both normal supermarkets and DIY sheds here. They mostly seem to come in a light grey colour, though I have seen some now and then in black, red, and white. Don't know if that helps.

Good luck mate

Edit for a P.S. John, I just noticed that the gloves I took the above details from have the manufacturer's name worn away. Noticed today that a new pair show the manufacturer as SPONTEX. In case you want to try those gloves (and if you can find them). I don't know where they come from, but over here you see the Spontex name on all sorts of household cleaning gear such as brushes, brooms, mops, etc, in just about every supermarket. HTH