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By Droogs
Anyone know who stocks the above as spares as friend just broke his. We have tried the usual suspects that come up on google for spare parts but no luck. Any suggestions

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By heimlaga
It would take me at least a month to recover mentally after such a blow...... I feel truely sorry for him.

A lot depends on exactly what part of the table is broken.
Maybe it can be nickel welded?

-Can Sedgwick supply a new table as spare part?
-Otherwise it might be a possiblity to make a set of wooden patterns with proper allowances for schrinkage and machining and have a new table cast. Let is season in an unheated shed for at least half a year and have it machined flat.
-Or it might be possible to fabricate a table and then send if for annealing and then have it machined. Though mild steel has generally higher friction than cast iron.

Or....if his planer/thicknesser isn't in good condition except this table....... get another one......