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By donrecardo
Hi , just saying hello as I have just joined the group.
I am brand new to scroll sawing and have just bought a saw.
I couldnt afford much now that I am a pensioner and finished up getting a
Scheppach SD1600F , thats the one with the flexible drive to attach dremel tools.
It was at a good price so although I would have liked a Hegner or Excalibur I bought what I could afford

I really fancy having a go at intarsia so have ordered Kathy Wise book Intarsia Woodworking for Beginners
The one with the frog on the front

The other interest I have is wooden gear clocks . I have made a start on Brian Laws clock No19
though I have to admit I didnt own a scroll saw when I started it last week so I used my laser instead.

I know for intarsia I need some nice woods to do it justice with all the different colours but where in england can I buy it
in the sizes and quantities we would use , even better is there some where in the midlands I can buy it from so I can collect
rather than pay high postage ( Im in Redditch , just south of Bham).

Well I expect you will hear from me a lot more when I suddenly realise there are a lot of questions I need answers to

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By nev
Hello and welcome :)
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By pollys13
Yes welcome to the forum, a lot of really knowledgeable helpful people here.
Besides direct questions the search feature can bring up a lot of interesting results too.
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By Silversam
Hi Don
I’m sure you will find lots of answers in these forums. I did when I first started with intarsia.
I read loads and loads of older post in the scroll saw section and found them interesting and informative.

In regards to wood for intarsia. I too found it difficult to find a timber place that sold hardwood. I did eventually find one after a lot of searching but the wood is not cheap. I still can’t get any kind of wood either.

What I did to start with was to use pine wood. It’s cheaper to buy and I find it easier to cut as it’s a soft wood. I also used to stain it or paint it to get the colours I was after. I only went onto the hardwood once I got better at making the intarsia.

Another member on here recommends going to charity shops and buying broken furniture cheap. The hardwood furniture that is. A cheaper way to obtain expensive wood.

Keep an eye on skips as well. You never know what you may find.
Some woods however are not wood. I recently acquired a little table that looked like mahogany but when I cut into it I found it to be compressed cardboard with a veneer on top. Chucked that one away lol.

Buying the intarsia books is a good way to go too. Lots of good tips and plenty of patterns. Some of the older books are cheaper too. W H Smiths sells a few of these older ones.

Have fun with the saw and take your time when cutting. Don’t forget to post some pictures of what you create. It’s always nice to see other people’s work.
Yup, very helpful and knowledgeable bunch of people here. Welcome, and have fun.
By donwatson
Welcome to our little place. Loads of information on here.


One of my first cuttings was a fish and it takes pride of place in the kitchen. Cut from a piece of ¾" redwood (looked like pine to me). It is cut from one piece so is really Segmentation but when painted makes a really nice first attempt.

take care
Don W