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By Samfire
Hi all,
Haven't been on here for a while. I did have an excalibur ex16 which I loved using, but I abused with heavy woodwork and it final gave up on me. I should put some effort into fixing it, but I'd just bought a lathe and turning was my new passion. Anyway I'm missing sc roll sawing, so I purchased one of those saws in the £100 range. Perhaps I got a bad one,but hell bells it was a shock after having the excalibur. Now It needs to go and I'm looking at buying a new single speed Hegner, will I be happy again? Been looking at used multi speed, but they are the same price as new single speed. Thanks
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By Silversam
I have a single speed Hegner and find it really good. I also have a foot pedal with it and use that to help control the speed on tight turns. I just keep pressing up and down on the pedal and it doesn’t get up to full speed, keeps it slower.

I can’t compare it to the Excalibur as I’ve never used one. I came from a old ferm scroll saw and it’s miles better. The quick blade change is a must I feel. So simple to swap blades over.

By nadnerb
I use a hegner multi speed but rarely turn the speed down, but it is handy if cutting really thin stock
By whatknot
I bought a used single speed Hegner, it vibrated like crazy, so sold it on fairly quickly

Its quite possible it was just a bad example of it

I have an Axminster AWFS18 at present (ironically based on the Hegner) which is a superb machine, no vibration whatsoever