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By Cameronhill97
Hi took delivery of my new Axminster table saw last week, got it put together and was in the process of tuning it up that I realised my table top isn’t perfectly flat, I’ve put a straight edge on it and with feeler gauges have found out it actually dips right in the center sort of between the miter gauges 0.2mm , it doesn’t sound like much but I can visually see light coming underneath the straight edge. Should I be worried about this or is it kind of not significant enough to worry about?

Many thanks
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By Ttrees
Thought someone would pop up with one of these?
Very doubtful if this would make any sort of difference, but it might be worth a shot to
make sure the machine is plumed level, as this can cause the cabinet to deform on lighter saws
making sliding tables for instance "drop" off the edge of the saw table.
Cant see the top deforming unless this was seriously un level with weights added though.

After doing so and the problem was still there, you should contact Axminster and ask them
what tolerance of a dip is acceptable in their cast iron tablesaw tables, and specificity your machine
before you tell them any figures.
Good luck