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By tim_n
I have a startrite 351 bandsaw from school, so it's a bit used and abused.

I am not an expert in bandsaws, you will have to try hard to offend me by oversimplifying.

I can get the blade to run freely, but only because previous users have gradually cut into the panels of the saw with older blades. The top wheel the blade runs at the back of the wheel, the bottom wheel the blade runs right on the edge at the front. As long as I don't touch any of the settings, it runs fine.

The body does not appear to be twisted.

If I use the adjustments for the top wheel, the blade either falls off the back of the wheel at the top or off the front at the bottom. The blade itself does not touch any of the "pins"/"rest" on the blade guide (so its not that pushing it out, not sure if pins are the correct term either...)

The rubbers both appear to be in very good condition, as do the brushes.

I have not tried to adjust the bottom wheel as it's attached to the motor.

My thoughts are that it's running wonky because whilst the rubbers aren't split or look particularly old, they may be worn meaning the blade sits back further than it should at the top? If I can't resolve the issue I can continue using, but would prefer to have the blade sitting in the right place to save the occasional tooth hitting the bottom panel.

I may be able to add some pictures this weekend.
By phil.p
Is one of the wheels back to front? Does the blade go through the table in the correct place?
By Boysie
I had a similar issue with the Aldi hobby bandsaw. (Blade running at the front of one wheel, to back of the other).

After watching a few videos on bandsaw tuning, and trying the ideas that are workable on such a basic saw, it turned out the wheels were quite a way off being co-planar.

It's worth checking with a straight edge.

I had to shim the bottom wheel out with a couple of washers to get it running better.

There are plenty of videos out there on getting the best out of bandsaws.
I found watching a few and working through them systematically pretty helpful.

If you do end up taking the bottom wheel off, check if it's a left hand thread. I believe many, but not necessarily all of them are.
By Doingupthehouse
+1 for the wheels not being co-planar. Had this problem with my Record Power BS350S. Bough new, but miles out of co-planar - a 3/4” blade centred on the top wheel and half of it protruded from the front of the bottom wheel. Easy enough to adjust with the bottom wheel adjusting screws (despite the manual saying not to adjust as they’re factory set). No idea if the Startrite uses the same adjustment though.