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By Clockie
All are Ashley Iles and are gouges that I do not use often these days.
The tools are:-
No. 9 x 8mm
No. 10 x 10mm
No. 5 x 16mm
No. 6 x10mm
No. 9 x 16mm
No. 39 x 6mm ( V-tool)
All measurements approx.
My initials are burnt onto the handles and one has them stamped.
I would like £60 for the lot plus postage which will be £4.29. Payment in person welcome or P[img][img][/img][/img]aypal or personal cheque (subject to clearance).
By Clockie
Their yours. I have to go out this morning so I will sort this out this afternoon. Please PM me with the details. Thank you. Whilst I have bought on here a few times, this is the first time I've sold so please bear with me.
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By keithm
If for any reason the sale doesn't go through I would take your carving gouges.

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By keithm
Happy to take the carving gouges.
I have seen the notification that you sent me a message but I cannot find the message on the UKworksop website.
And an't find the PM option on the posts.
I have been on long enough.


By phil.p
click the avatar or "no image" at the top left, the PM symbol is at the bottom right
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By whiskywill
Clockie wrote: My initials are burnt onto the handles and one has them stamped.

I would have had these but my wife wasn't happy with me changing my name. :(