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By Bm101
Thankyou option has been reinstated. Many thanks to the Mods and Charley for listening and doing what people ask for as time and effort allows. Much appreciated. =D>
One of the things that seemed to bother a few of us about the new site was the loss off the thanks button. Might be trite but ya know. Manners maketh and all that. The rest of the new site never bothered me tbh. Life is Change. Just nice not to have to resort to facebook generation malarkies. It's good to have both. Some things I like, some things I want to say 'thanks for that, I appreciate you making the effort.'
In case anyone else is as slow as me it has been re-introduced on the quiet. Slipped in quietly as good manners are meant to be if you're old enough. 8)

If you cant see it you'll find it under the gear wheel icon to the left of the like button to the top rightish of what you're reading this very instant. .
Thanks for listening Charley and Mods. Much appreciated.
By phil.p
I must admit I miss the list of those who'd thanked you. It was good sometimes to see that someone had thanked you sometimes days, weeks or months after the post so you could follow up with more info or a PM if needed.