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By phil.p
Yew, oak and spalted Turkey oak. The polishing isn't finished yet.



The salt is merely to show it is actually quite hollow. :D
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By Dalboy
Well done on the first hollow form. On a personal note the top of the for where there is an angle to a flat I personally would have liked to have seen this curving into the base of the lid which will help the form flow more easily
By phil.p
There is actually a little more of a curve than there appears at that angle, but truthfully the top was made for something else - it's for the end of the month competition so I thought I'd finish it first then if my original plan comes to nothing at least I have an entry finished. I'll post another top if I get that far. :D
By phil.p
It's not actually finished - it's TruOil that still need polishing properly. I must admit it is looking good. :D
By phil.p
stewart wrote:Nice, Phil - great feeling to have got one done, I'm sure. The yew looks great.

Especially as most of the hollowing was done with a home made tool that cost about a quid. :D
By phil.p
Quercus cerris. It's very common in Cornwall - I believe it was commonly grown for pit props as it grows quicker than English oak. It got a third in the TOTY. :(