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By Claymore
Hi Everyone,
Well I have finally finished this project which i started in January and is one of Phill's Patterns and its a nice pattern to do....bit fiddly in places as the guy I have made it for wanted it downsizing to match another Intarsia i did for him last year so it measures 22" wide.
its made from Oak/Walnut/Beech dyed yellow.

Its been a long time since I have got out in the workshop and Ruth's death really knocked me for six and making stuff seemed pointless as she wasn't here to see them, but it will do me good butchering some wood and have loads of orders to do so time to get cracking me thinks.
I have been watching the forum and have seen some lovely work on and quite a few new faces too..
Anyway hope ya like and Thanks Phill for the pattern they will love it
Sea Eagle Intarsia (Small).jpg
By TFrench
Beautiful work as always Brian. Glad to see you getting back out in the workshop.
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By George..
Lovely piece, the eye looks so real. You are a very patient man. Good thoughts for the future.
By darloray
looks great brian, good to see you back on. hope your doing ok mate.
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By Bm101
Good to see you back Brian. You've been sorely missed. All my best fella.
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By Claymore
Thanks everyone and I'm glad to get back in the workshop, I have been doing a few new patterns indoors for future projects so plenty to look forward to but first I need to make a few of the more popular designs like the Hare's head and sheepdogs etc plus another one of these Eagles the buyer loved it so looks like its going to be a popular design (Cheers Phill)
I have a brand new Peter Childs Pyrography kit sitting in the office unopened but I will have to get some practice with it as its going to come in handy for feather details etc.
Great to be back and hope i can help anyone if possible and big hello to all the new members!
Great to see you back Brian, well done mate.
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By lanemaux
Very nice Brian . It is grand to have you back and showing your work here again. Welcome back.
By SammyQ
Good to see you back Brian. I admire your work greatly. Keep setting standards I couldn’t possibly aspire to!

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By Claymore
Cheers, I enjoyed making it, Its great pattern ........I am slowly getting a bit more organised and have now got a playpen in the workshop for Rory my apprentice to keep me company. I have quite a few new designs in the pipeline and next one will be a new Barn Owl (my own pattern) with a few new techniques involved and if they work they will be used in future projects. You will easily do Intarsias all ya need is patience as they usually take a week or so but once you learn basic techniques then you will do fine.....give me a shout if you want any tips info on Intarsia's.
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By Silversam
Wonderful work Brian. I’m one of the new members you mentioned but before I joined here I was eagerly reading all the past post from the intarsia forums on here and read many of your post. I learned a lot from all the previous post. I’m glad they don’t deleat them. Great to see you back in the swing of things. Work is taking more of my time now so may be a while before I get to finish my present project. I still like to come and look at the forums to see what people are up to. All the best to you. Andy
By aramco
hi Brian love the eagle wish i was that good will keep trying to catch up - it takes but one step to start a thousand mile journey I have just got to take the first step on a big project- as there is so much i want to do ,both scrolling and band saw work when I the blasted band saw fixed.