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By kevinmacq

Just been asked to turn a wooden sink for a client. Any suggestions for a waterproof finish? They dont want a high gloss epoxy finish.
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By MikeG.
I think the timber is as important if not more important than the finish. If they're given you a lump of silver birch or red oak, for instance, it wouldn't matter what magic substance you put on it. Some tropical timbers would probably do OK without any finish at all.
By Beau
West system epoxy would be fine. You need to encapsulate all of it including any holes with fittings. If the wood is completely sealed there will be no movement regardless of species presuming it is properly dried before hand. From memory West recommend the wood needs to be below 10% and kept that way until finished.

I recommend West system off the back of a boat built we did with it. There other epoxies that may well work as well just not tried them myself.
By woodfarmer
If you can get or build up enough Alder it would be a good wood although the figuring isn't very well defined.
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By marcros
I have watched a few of these being done on youtube. One of these days, I will try one but this house would not suit it.

On all that I have watched, they have all used epoxy.
By jim1950
I've finished a wooden sink about 6weeks ago Teak and Utile used Timber tech to coat it with a top seal of worktop finish both from Conservation chemicals ltd 01229 588449, very helpful on the phone.
My customer very happy, I see the sink a few days ago no water marks or stains