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By caretakereg
I am sort of new to wood turning as I did a little years ago.
I have purchased a second hand lathe, Record Power RPML 300.
I am just sorting out my shed but have it bolted down to the end bench.
I do have a question, dose anyone know what the head stock thread is on this machine?
I have tried to download a manual but no luck.
Will be reading some post to see what everyone is doing, may pick up some tips.
My first job is to repair my shed roof, leaks.
Thanks for stopping buy.
By minilathe22
Hello, welcome!

Your lathe likely has a 3/4" 16tpi imperial thread, nearly all Record Power lathes are I believe.

Definitely want to sort any roof leaks, lathe and/or tools will quickly rust in damp conditions (as I am sure you are no doubt aware)

Have you got any tools to go with it yet?
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Welcome. It is a friendly place here so no question too silly or basic - ask away.

As ML22 said, likely 3/4” x 16 with a 1 MT bore. Make sure you have the thread protector collar with the lathe installed before seating anything in the Morse taper - not all record lathes have a hole through the headstock and it is a pita getting a drive centre out without the collar.

By Chris152
SVB wrote: it is a pita getting a drive centre out without the collar.

Aha - that's what the collar's for! I struggled like hell trying to get a drive out a couple of weeks back, using a screwdriver and hammer from the side/ behind the drive and it finally shot out across the room and put a dent in one of the teeth.
By caretakereg
I do not have the thread protector collar but I have used a spanner to lever it out, will look out for the correct thing.
Thanks for the size, will need that if ever my wife lets me buy a chuck.
I have fixed the shed roof today, now waiting for it to rain to test it out.
The lathe is now bolted down, pillar drill moved, new power socket installed, floor fixed and ready to go.
The lathe did come with some chisels, a face plait, and I brought a pen mandrill.
Still having a tidy up of the shed, more to go down the dump.
Thanks for all the help, will post again soon.
By Steliz
Hi and welcome,

I'm also fairly new to this and recently bought an RP CL4 lathe and mine has a thread size of M33 x 3.5 with a 2M Taper. If you email RP they will send you a manual for your lathe.
I decided to convert my shed from garden storage to a workshop so I bought a massive lathe and then tried to figure out how to fit it in. During the process of the clearout my roof also started leaking and I ended up coating it with Black Jack Bituminous paint which worked a treat (highly recommended). After the next rain ( I didn't have to wait long as I live near Manchester) the rain ran off the roof and down the wall which then soaked through the cracks which it had never done before! I installed some guttering and it's been dry ever since.
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Keith Rowley’s book - “Woodturning, a foundation course” is also a worthwhile investment and will save much frustration / head scratching as well as get you into good habits from the start.

By caretakereg
I have been given with the lathe Keith Rowley’s book - “Woodturning, a foundation course”, just need to read it now.
I emailed Record lathes and today they sent the manual, have printed it out.
I am missing the threaded protector nut and cant find one on ebay but have found a ordinary nut, can I use this with a washer?