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By Silly_Billy
Does anyone know if Tung Oil is food safe? I’m looking for a hard wearing finish that’s food safe, long lasting and offers some water repellency.
By Beau
Pretty sure the Rustin's Tung oil says it's suitable for kitchen use. I certainly have been happy to use it for chopping boards and the like.

Some will argue that it might affect those with a nut allergy due to the oil coming from a nut.
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By ED65
ALL common finishes can be considered food safe, once fully cured. Mentioned this before if you recall.

When you say you want a hard-wearing surface though, what kind of use will the surface see? Obviously you want a penetrating finish, if you want the surface tough then Danish oil would be a better choice because the resin component means it dries harder. In addition this will give you better protection from water.

You don't have to buy Danish oil if you don't have any already. Just mix your oil in equal parts with varnish and then thin it.
By Silly_Billy
Beau wrote:Pretty sure the Rustin's Tung oil says it's suitable for kitchen use.

Thanks Beau. I’ve now had a look and seen that Rustin’s Tung Oil complies with UK Food Regulations. That’s good enough for me!
By Chris152
I don't know if this link to a newsletter by Terry of Chestnut Products will work for everyone (it's on Facebook), but I found it helpful on food-safe finishes: ... 206145020/