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By devonwoody
I have to move my printer and the usb lead will not be long enough.
How do I get my printer (Epsom xp442) to work wirelessly please?
My internet router Virgin is wireless but I use a usb lead to my desktop pc. Because I cannot seem to get any connection that works .
The pc is not WiFi etc. Some years ago a neighbour did a DOT set up and it worked with that printer.
By sunnybob
If the PC is not wi fi, then it will need a lead to talk to the printer.
According to the specs on your printer, it will print from a memory card. so you save to a usb stick or memory card, put that in the printer and print from the printer command screen
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By devonwoody
MattRoberts wrote:The 442 has wireless built in. Just go to the setup menu and Network, then connect to your WiFi

I tried that Matt, but I was to push a button on the router in the instructions but there is no physical button on my router, there was a password which visitors use to get internet.
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By devonwoody
PC gone slow doing a system restore and that failed telling me to shut down antivirus and try again. I did download avg tune up trial a few days ago so I suspect problem there. so having another go at system restore because I really mucked around with that printer set up yesterday. back shortly I hope
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By AndyT
You can get long usb leads. Our printer used to be across the room on a 5m lead threaded round the furniture and worked fine. There are also usb extension leads with a socket at one end and a plug at the other.
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By devonwoody
I have spent around 3 hrs. this morning mucking around with the printer and wifi and did get a little further along the line and finally got to final set up but failed owing to password security details of router fail.
Repeated and got password fail again. definitely correct details entered. So going to have a go at Epson tormorrow.
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By devonwoody
I did it printed wifi no usb cable Monday 16 april.
took around 6 set ups and a support call to Epson.
A little problem the password had to be small print and that took some sorting.
Anyway better that those senators at Washington. :)

Thanks all
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By devonwoody
I went around 4 days and my printer could not be found by wifi.
Solved the problem by switching on the printer first before booting up the PC and network then found printer.

Is there a method of avoiding this snag?
I want to search how to tell network where the printer is only when printer is needed, the printer charges ink every time it is switched on and only needed occasionally ?