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By Hornbeam
I have just purchased an axminster fs23 saw which is in excellent condition except the bellows
Does anybody have a manual for this machine
This is now no longer made but does anybody know if there is an alternative bellows which I can fit
By Hornbeam
Copy and paste below into google and its the second link down

AWFS18 460mm Scroll Saw - Axminster.

This is a totally different saw
I don't know anything about the fs 23, but if you can't get a bellows for it you can try a pretty common "dodge" amongst scrollers - buy a small electric pump for an aquarium and connect that to the blower nozzle. Should only cost you about a tenner - more expensive than a bellows true, but if you can't find the proper bellows, it's a possibility - and it'll "never" go rotten.

By Hornbeam
Axminster have sorted me out with the manual.
I know I can use a small air pump but just wanted to fix it right.

By Hornbeam
New bellows made from a piece of closed cell PE foam and all working well.
I also have a small air pump if this fails
Thanks for comments from people