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By Blackcastle bespoke.
Does anybody use these? I have noticed they are now cheap on Ebay ( all though u.k stock but Chinese/ Hong Kong sellers) and can also be bought on Amazon.
The ones that are on raised feet look useful and the quick way the head will move on the tube/pipe looks good too. Also thinking that of clamping blocks retained on the pipe with a hole,that would slide up and down the tube could be a bonus too.
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By Brandlin
MattRoberts wrote:This may be of interest

I saw this when the video was first released, checked out the prices and added them to my amazon wish ist before christmas and dropped some not too subtle hints. Sadly before christmas amazon UK started shipping these, not Amazon US and so the price rocketed and is now £31 per clamp.
Buying from Bessey in the UK £37.

I've been looking at these types of clamps for a while, but in the UK even buying the malleable iron pipe is not cheap as its nowhere near as common as in the US. I would be very happy to hear from the OP where the cheap prices are on ebay and amazon, because i look periodically, and once shipping is included never find anything i would consider to be significantly cheaper than buying bessey's direct.

In fact even looking at 'cheaper' brands and knock-offs is not much cheaper.
By oakfield
There are some on eBay for as little as £5.
I would be interested in any experience with them as they seem too cheap!
Also wondering if the would work with metal electrical conduit as that can be bought cheaply.
I think I will have to get some and see.
By Blackcastle bespoke.
Thanks for the reply’s. They were cheap on EBay but about £15 for the raised ones. They were a little more expensive on Amazon (£1.50ish) but they had Irwin(£19.50)ones that didn’t need threading on one end.
L.c.s iron pipe is easy peasy to get . Any Plumbers merchant can get it , threading it will require tools. I am a plumber in the week and from time to time use this pipe. Thanks Jim.
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By Noel
BSP as far as I recall.
I've a couple of dozen Pony/Jorgensen clamps on 3/4 pipe. As said above pipe is not hard to get.
Unlike the Bessey models in the video none of mine have the built in stand that raise them about the bench but I keep plenty of riser blocks cut from whatever is handy to keep everything clear if needed. Jorgensen also supply little aluminium clips that do the same job but I rarely use them.
Thoroughly recommend Pony pipe clamps if you can get them at a decent price. Imagine Bessey are just as good.
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By Farmer Giles
I use the Bessey ones with 3/4" pipe, work a treat. I bought a load of pipe and cut it to various lengths, plus you can use pipe joiners if you thread the ends.


in use


The legs do come in handy at times.

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By eoinsgaff
#1218395 ... /204986131

Home Depot will arrange for international shipping to Ireland (and UK surely) and take care of import levies. I think this will be worth while in bulk. I’m going to try 10 no.
By Togalosh
I have a few of the Axi ones & some of the pipes have failed - the threaded ends have snapped off. They are 3/4" BSP but the pipe wall thickness is too thin so the threads make them very weak just where you need the strength.

I was going to replace the pipes with black iron / 'mallable iron' ones that I have knocking about but some t055 P0t has chucked out my pipe vice. They would be a lot heavier so I am not sure they'd be as handy.

They were quite nice & quick to use because there's no holes to line up..

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By Farmer Giles
I bought mine from here ... k/d15.html £18:50 +VAT for a 3.25m length then about 8 quid delivery. I bought 4 lengths as I seem to remember the carriage being the same for 4.