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By Jacob
Random purchase.
Amazing book - just flipping through the pages and almost every one shows a dangerous use of table saw. I checked to see if he was showing how not to do it, but no!

Could have value as a collection of examples of techniques to avoid at all costs?
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By ED65
I have a PDF copy of this and the dreadful table saw safety practice never registered the previous times I flicked through it because I tend to gloss over the power tool sections.

But looking at it afresh it is shocking how bad it is. Just a taster, but I lost count of the number of photos where he's cutting thin and/or narrow stock on the table saw and his fingers are mere centimetres from the blade, with of course no guard in sight.

And there's no riving knife. He does have splitters incorporated into some of his user-made inserts so he's not completely unaware of them as a thing!
By Jacob
TBH I've done most of this things myself, when I didn't know any better. Managed to avoid accidents more luck than judgement.
But the good news is that safe techniques actually facilitate and increase your control over the work; you can apply push sticks right up close to the blades giving tight control but with near zero risk of accidental risk to anything but the push stick (and sometimes the workpiece!). Push sticks are cheap.
Avoid so called "grippers" these tend to be fundamentally badly designed. Doug Stowe uses them so they must be bad.