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By Parto
For Christmas I treated myself to a Triton TRA001 for my first router table build. I will be building a cabinet regardless but can't decide whether to build in the TWX7 module or go for the Incra insert plate with a kitchen counter offcut?

I'm thinking the TWX7 surface will be better (flatter and lower friction) plus it has a fence and some fixings. The Incra insert plate will be less likely to flex or sag and is more easily removable (not that I plan on taking the router out of the table frequently).

Any advise or alternative suggestions would be greatly appreciated especially from those who have used any of the above.
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By Eric The Viking
FWIW, I've been eyeing up an Incra plate for some time, on the recommendations of Peter Sefton and Steve Maskery.

If you go down that route, Peter also sells a ready-made template for the opening, made of thick MRMDF, intended for a bearing-guided cutter. I'll be doing that, too. My router is a T11, but it's mostly an above-table cutter change (not quite the Triton slickness, but I like it).

I should add, I presently have an 8mm thick aluminium plate, professionally drilled for the T11. It's pretty good, but ideally I'd like it to be more rigid (the Incra one is 10mm, IIRC). I also really like the idea of steel inserts - that's where most of the wear happens.

Two things have been holding me back: funds (not the cheapest solution, and I'd like to be able to afford cutters, too!), and that originally Incra didn't have their plate drilled suitably for the T11. I had the present plate done commercially, and it is excellent but was expensive to get done. An undrilled Incra plate with "local modification" would have been quite a bit more expensive than a factory made one. But now it's OK, as they've modified the pattern they have (for the T11), so i'm told it's spot-on.


[edit]I should say that I have no experience of the other route you mention, so I'm not saying "do this" in comparison.[/edit]
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By Peter Sefton

The Incra 7518 T is now pre drilled ready for the Triton routers with above the table winder systems, the TRA-001 uses the rear hole and the MOF-001 uses the front hole and has all the fixing holes ready for fixing the router too. The TRA is a good size and heavy router that needs from a sturdy router plate and table top.

I don't think you would be disappointed with the Incra and would be happy to send one out for you to look at, I think the magna plates are the thing that sets Incra above all the others.

If you are going to make your own top and need any guidance just let us know. PM me if you would to see the 7518 T

Cheers Peter
By Parto
Thanks for the offer Peter I have no doubts about the quality based on other forum members reviews.

TFrench your build looks excellent. Have you experienced any issues with the mounting plate? I've heard it is quite thin (<2mm) and can flex a little causing chatter.
By shed9
I have a TRA001 installed in a Magnaock Incra plate (all in a Woodpecker table with an Incra fence). The only thing that bugs me is the cam lock bolt in one of the corners - I've lost it twice but to be honest I think I must have gone out of my way to be that stupid.

Remember that Incra also do the clearsweep option in the magnalock plate range for better dust collection. Not got that option myself but the reviews seem to be positive.

I can add to the Incra quality and getting it from Peter. You won't regret buying the Incra but I suspect you will alsways wonder if you go the Triton plate route - just my £0.02 worth.
By LancsRick
I used the TWX7 in my build and I'm really pleased with it.

Picture here - ... 5.jpg?dl=0
Build thread here - norm-style-router-table-build-and-insert-choice-t104374-15.html

Please don't compare it to TFrench's!
By TFrench
I used these plans as a basis and went off-piste in a couple of areas. It looks good but the bottom drawers bug me - I need to come back to them in the future and do better ones! Worst part was hogging out such a massive amount of material to sink the plate in the top!