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By Bm101
farwalker wrote:Hi I am new to the site and would like some advise if possible ,I was left a toolbox full of fitted GTL tools they look like they have not been used the chisels still have the paper tip protectors etc but they have been sitting in a very damp basement and are all very rusty ,should I clean them up or should I leave them all dirty and rusty? as some people say cleaning them loses all their value I thought I would ask the experts .PS This is my first post so I hope it is Ok.

Hi and welcome,
I'd post a few pictures of them in the handtools section hand-tools.html for more informed response than I can give you. I think they were Guaranteed Tools Limited? If so, I don't think they will hold any great value although I could well be wrong, I'm certainly no expert. Maybe a boxed set could be worth a fortune... :| I wouldn't pack the day job in just yet though. :wink:
There's a little information on them in the links below. Bit harder to find info on their non-plane tools. Searching for info on the net about them is hampered by another unrelated Chinese tool company called GTL so search using 'vintage GTL' variants. ... l-limited/
Be interesting to see some pics though. If they are valuable because they are unusually rare or collectible then you're right, sell them as they are. I think collectors like to do any work themselves generally. Hopefully a more knowledgeable member will be along to advise shortly.

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By Bm101
I've used it as part of some gear I got as a job lot from a ukw member who sold up a load of stuff some time back to move abroad. Best used warm it works really well for purpose. For waxing soles it would be very expensive. I'd just use a candle. Does all you need it to do and infinitely cheaper. :wink: