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By Robbo3
Collet Chucks

Tip 020 - Collet Chucks.jpg

APTC Junior ER20 collet chuck
SCT ER32 collet chuck (Chronos)
Both chucks are M33 thread to fit my lathe.
Both collets shown can hold approx the same size. The ER20 is 13-12mm & the ER32 is 1/2".
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By Robbo3
Anti-static wipes.

Stop dust being attracted to your face shield, goggles or glasses by giving them a wipe with a tumble dryer sheet. Leaves them smelling nice as well.

Also makes cleaning up after turning plastic or resin very easy, almost a pleasure.

If you keep it in a sealed plastic bag after use it can be re-used a number of times.
The same applies to tac rags.