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Well I'm afraid that there has been a little break in spinney activities.
Boss put her foot down and said something had to be done about wood storage encroaching on her domain.
So having contributed some £254 hard earned pension funds at the local sawmill and builders merchants, the past week has been spent assembling said purchases into something to keep the rain out and shifting some of the scattered 'must keeps' into some form of order.
Just hope I can remember where that piece I want next week was stacked at the back of the racks.

Basic framing, roof joists and rack supports 88 X 38 mm.
Feather edge ex. 25 X 150mm.
50 X 25 mm slats for racks
Three sheets of 3mm Onduline.
125mm Rd Hd nails
75mm wood screws
50mm galvanized Rd Hd nails.
All timber pressure treated at source.
Just a bit of timber needed along the long side roof edge to finally tidy up the roofing fixing.
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By Paul.J
Looking good Chas,best be safe than sorry :D
Will you be putting some guttering along the front??
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Might know, I had a request for a repeat-alike piece late this afternoon, oh goody I know exactly where the bits of off-cuts are that I need.
Second row of trays along at the back of the rack underneath another tray. :roll: at least they can be lifted out reasonably easily.
Now got to raid the supermarket for some shallower trays so that they can all stack two high.
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This morning in the shed, not sure about the lid, will get round to a darker version in Walnut sapwwood to compliment the spacers when the holiday visitors have departed.

Walnut & Hornbeam 87mm dia.
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Nothing much to show on the spiny front just lately, quite a bit of behind the scenes preparation going on, just awaiting an unbroken spell in the shed to complete something worth showing.
Been making things like these incense stick holders by the dozen using up the oddments and meeting a request, a bit boring but at least the there are no dimensional tolerance problems to concentrate on and nobody has a chance of knowing if the outcome was by design, accident or the result of a mistake.

Mainly Yew, a bit of laburnum and walnut.