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woodyturner wrote:I do like your boxes very nice

Thank you woody, I enjoy doing them and trying out slightly differing methods of assembly/machining.
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By nev
No knob! so i guess you must be getting the hang of accurate segment sizing now ;)
May I ask what glue you use for your creations? - it obviously works well!
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nev wrote:....May I ask what glue you use for your creations? - it obviously works well!

I use Cascamite Nev, does need care in storage to keep moisture away from it, I decant powder into smaller airtight jars to aid this and at my rate of usage I don't get problems.

Needs care in mixing to get max strength, I use 3.5 to 1 measured with a level spoon for the small mixes I need, it sets rigid and joints don't creep like they can with PVA. .
Wood does need to be 8% moisture or below for small segments* and wait a day or so before machining for safety according to the specs. but I've never had one let go after 12hrs when in a hurry.

Joints are as sawn or if sanded no finer than 80 grit, wrung together and clamped.

*12 or more segments moving a fraction of a degree soon add up.
By boysie39
Chas . I never tire of looking at your work ,it gives me a boost (boot) :lol: when I need it most.

Thank you,
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Thanks for the comments guys, all feedback is welcome.
Don't know how much longer I will be putting up any output, most only seems to engender a 'look see' interest.

Only been showing anything with at least a subtle difference in shape or design recently and judging by the results of the local Village Xmas Market today looks like the next few months will be aimed at meeting requests for much of the same, worked around the winter holiday season commitments.
By Solicitus
Personally I would miss them if you stopped posting images of your prodigious output. As a novice turner, being able to look at other people's work ( even if it is in a different stratosphere to mine) is always of great interest.. I am sure there a lot of people like me who are not members of clubs and who are solitary turners and who largely rely on internet content for education and inspiration. Keep posting !!