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Came across this specimen of Sweet Chestnut a couple of days ago, could not help projecting a fair amount of envy toward some future woodworker who might get his hands on those Burrs when it's finally harvested.
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By paulm
Like the coloration and figuring on the walnut Chas, nice and soft and understated as a piece, in a good way !

Likewise on the sweet chestnut tree, glad I'm not the only one that goes around sizing up the potential of good looking trees :lol:

Cheers, Paul
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Finished gathering another collection of bits into another trinket/dust* collector today.
(*dependant upon your take of round spinny creations)

Walnut & Oak 115mm dia.
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By nev
Beautiful. I'd happily sit in that after I'm gone.
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Best laid plans and all that, a couple of years ago someone delivered a Beech log and asked if I could make them some flat breadboards from it sometime.
Log was duely slabbed about 30mm thick and stored away to dry off in its own time.
Drying gave no traumas regarding splitting or warping significantly but mother nature decided that a little humorous intervention was in order and they all developed a significant spalting, guess the log had picked up enough spores in the woodland or my store was well and truly saturated with them.

So breadboards are out of the window and the someone will have to find a use for a few flat dishes, for holding nuts or dry fruit etc.

This is the first; don't know how many more will survive the gouge.

Spalted Beech 235mm dia.
By boysie39
I knew there was more than a BOXER in you Chas, :lol: :lol: it would be only a matter of time before you broke loose again .
Really nice pieces .were they on the verge or just over ,was there a lot of careful work ,they look perfect to me .
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boysie39 wrote:...were they on the verge or just over.

Just on the verge Eugene, just one spot about 6x3mm on the underside of the last one that is showing a little pit.
A third slab from the log tackled this afternoon was too far gone and found to be playing host to some protein so has made it's mark in the firewood bag.
By boysie39
17 mm high :?: :?: :shock: :shock: :roll: :roll: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Are you using one of our measuring sticks by any chance.