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By Newbie_Neil
Hi all

Please note that The List is limited to our experience of dealing with Toolstore retailers and/or e-tailers OVER THE NET. It is not intended to be a toolshop review, as we are purely looking at a company's internet operation and their customer service to internet customers.

It is very important you check that you are comparing exactly the same models when doing a price comparison. You can buy various models of the Trend T5 but one of them has a one-year warranty and the rest three years.

Caveat Emptor. Let The Buyer Beware.

C/S = Customer Service rating measured against Lee Valley at 9. (- means that the site has not yet been rated)
Rating 1 Low 9 best

Hand, Power, Sundry and Spares. A Yes against any one of these means that you can purchase that product type from their web site. Whether they stock that product type in their retail outlet is irrevelant for the purpose of this exercise.

TB = Toolbank ecomm site. Toolbank will be identical at all sites. We assume that prices are the same.

If you cannot read the tables then please edit your profile to allow html.

Classic Hand Tools04/14Yes-Yes-Yes/SSL7-This site is well worth a visit. They stock Lie Nielsen, Blue Spruce,
Veritas, Clifton, Sorby, Brusso, Pfeil, Narex, Auriou, Starrett, Ashley Iles and Japanese tools to name just a few.
Philly Planes04/14Yes---N/A7-Fine hand made wooden planes, MADE IN ENGLAND by a master craftsman.They are so good, I bought one myself.
Skelton Saws08/17Yes---N/A7-Fine hand made saws, MADE IN ENGLAND by a master craftsman.
Woodworkers Workshop (Peter Sefton)05/14Yes-Yes-Yes/SSL8-This is Peter Sefton's tool shop and it is well worth a visit. They stock Veritas, Incra, Router Boss, Clifton, Narex, 3M(Scary Sharp), Wood River and Easy Wood Tools for the turners.
Workshop Heaven (Matthew Platt)05/14Yes-Yes-Yes/SSL8-This is Matthew Platt's tool shop and it is well worth a visit. They stock Clifton, Quangsheng, Kunz, Ray Iles, Mujingfang, Narex, 3M(Scary Sharp) and Kreg.

AG Wood Care04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL8-This site was easy to use and it contains all of your wood finishing products. NB Paramose is available.
Finney's04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL8-All about finishing. It has an FAQ section, videos and you can even telephone to ask questions about finishing.
Smith & Rodger04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL7-Everything you need for finishing and repairs. A simple site to navigate. The only downside is that it does have an "old-fashioned" look.
Wood Finishes Direct11/14--Yes-Yes/SSL8-Everything you need for finishing and repairs.They have an extensive FAQ section and if that's not enough, they also operate a freephone help line.

This table is to help you find specialist items.

Button Fix Secret fixings for bath panels etc. as used by Peter Millard of this parish. Peter's YouTube video is here.
Dust Filtration Parts All your extraction accessories.
Power Tools UK Bosch (Blue) Stud Finder
Clayton Munroe Door Furniture, Cabinet Knobs and Cast Iron Hinges
RouterCutter Drawer Pull Cutters. Use the larger one for kitchen cabinets.
WDS Toggle Clamps, Hand Knobs, Gas Struts, Levelling Feet and everything else you need for jig making.
Tappex Threads and Threaded Inserts.
The Insert Company Threads and Threaded Inserts. (Zinc Alloy, Steel and Brass)
Fisch Flexible Curve Fisch Flexible Curves - 600/1,000/3,000 (Routing/Spindle Moulder)
Axminster Flexible Curve Axminster's own Large Flexible Curve - 1,700 (Routing/Spindle Moulder)
CMT Flexible Curves CMT Flexible Curves - 1,000/1,200/2,000 (Routing/Spindle Moulder)
Peak Oak Solid Oak Flooring - Character Grade Unfinished
MandDOnline Kitchen Hardware - Blum and Hafele
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By Newbie_Neil
Liogier Rasps04/14Yes---Yes/SSL8-Excellent hand-stitched rasps.
Dick04/14Yes---Yes/SSL8-A good range of hand tools, priced in Euros.
Fine Tools04/14Yes---Yes/SSL8-A good range of hand tools, priced in Euros.
Aird Tools04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL7-Veritas products are discounted by 5% and other brands had larger discounts (24/04/14).
Amazon12/05YesYes--Yes/SSL1-Sky high prices.
Axminster04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL87.85Must visit, but not the cheapest. Veritas prices reduced - October 2015.
Banbury Plastic Fittings12/14-----5-Furniture fittings.
Buck & Ryan04/14TBTBTB--1-They use Toolbank.
Behlen04/14--Yes-YES/SSL6-Simple to use with good product information.
B & Q04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL4-As usual with B&Q, prices are normally cheaper elsewhere.
Buller04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL6-For full extension runners, click Miscellaneous and then Runners/Slides Full Extension.
Caldertrade04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL5-Power tools and sundries.
S J Carter04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL5-It's all there, but it seems quite a messy site.
Peter Child04/14Yes-YesYesYes/SSL5-Specially for turners.
Chronos04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL6-Their prices are far less than Axminister.
County Industrial04/14--Yes-NO/?4-This is a rather basic site.
Craft Supplies04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-This is the Turner's Retreat site. Everything for the turner.
Charnwood04/14-Yes--NO/SSL5-Charnwood own brand.
Clerkenwell Screws09/14--Yes-Yes/SSL7-Specialists in fastenings and fixings.
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By Newbie_Neil
Data Power04/14-YesYes-Yes/SSL4-Everything I seemed to click on resulted in a page not found. I will TRY this site AGAIN.
D & M04/14YesYesYesYesYes/SSL87.23Well worth visiting. One of my "go to" sites.
DB Keighley04/14-------Excellent product information. This is not an E-Commerce site.
DIYTOOLS.COM04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL5-Worth visiting, but check prices.
Elliotts04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL7-Well presented, Hampshire's finest.
Enterprise Ventilation10/14--Yes-eBay8-Ducting, T-pieces, Reducers etc.
FFX09/14YesYesYesYesYes/SSL7-Simple web site to navigate. They are extremely price competitive and offer FREE UK deliveries(excluding highlands and islands) with no minimum value.
Glowbar04/14TBTBTB-Yes/SSL3-Limited items that can be ordered from their site and there is a TOOLBANK link., simple site to use.
Homebase04/14-Yes--Yes/SSL5-Limited range, tending towards DIY.
Infinity04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL6-Infinity router cutters. Carriage is on top of the cutter price.
Ironmongery Direct04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL7-Well worth visiting for all of your ironmongery.
ITS London04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL87.22Well worth visiting, another of my "go to" sites.
Jaycee Tools04/14-----4-This is not an E-Commerce site. However, it has excellent product information on all products on their site including the Jet, Festool and Robland ranges.
KraftKabin04/14-------E-Commerce site under construction - April 2014.
Lawson HIS04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-Simple to navigate.
Isaac Lord04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-It seems a little "clunky", but it has it all. It is excellent for furniture fittings.
Richard Maguire Workbenches04/14Yes---???/???--If you are looking for a new bench or vice, this is the web site to visit.
Miles MTMC04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-This is a simple site to use.
MTS04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-Nice and easy site to use.
Nuts & Bolts10/14-YesYes-Yes/SSL7-Everything Festool you could ever want.
Powertool Direct04/14-Yes--Yes/SSL5-Whilst the payment processing is secure, the entry of your contact details and password is not.
Protrade04/14yesYesyes-Yes/SSL7-Simple to navigate.
Rutlands04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL65.63A professional web site, but you can frequently find things cheaper elsewhere. They also have frequent "sales".
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By Newbie_Neil
The Saw Centre04/14-YesYes-Yes/SSL7-At first, I found it difficult to navigate.
Scott & Sargeant04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL7-An easy-to-use site, that has a good selection of tools.
Screwfix04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL7-Worth a visit, even though it's becoming more expensive.
SL Hardwoods04/14Yes-Yes-Yes/SSL7-Hardwoods, veneers, sheets goods and finishes. A simple site to navigate.
Thomas Smith Fasteners09/14--Yes-Yes/SSL7-Specialists in fastenings and fixings.
Stiles & Bates04/14-YesYesYesYes/SSL7-Everything for the turner, including courses.
Thanet Tools04/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-They have a selection of Japanese hand tools. A simple-to-use site.
Tilgear04/14YesYes-YesYes/SSL6-A little bit "clunky", but simple to navigate.
ToolFest06/14-Yes-YesYes/SSL7-A complete FESTOOL site, including all accessories.
Tooled-Up.Com04/14YesYes--Yes/SSL5-I couldn't see clamps under the categories. It was only when I viewed ALL brands that I found Bessey.
Tool-NET04/14NoYesYesYesYes/SSL5+++(+++) Too few members knew anything about the company to make the survey meaningful.
Toolpost05/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL5-Toolpost has a good selection of tools, especially for turners, as it stocks Veritas, Robert Sorby, Leigh, Henry Taylor, Hamlet, Kelton, Crown and BCT.
Toolsdirect05/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL7-This is the Terratruck site and is well worth looking at.
Toolstation05/14-YesYes-Yes/SSL7-Think Screwfix, only cheaper?
Toolstore Direct05/14-YesYes-Yes/SSL6-Stocks DeWalt, Makita, Draper, Festool and Mirka.
Toolman05/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-Stocks Triton, Kreg, Narex, Proxxon and Tormek.
Turner's Retreat05/14Yes-YesYesYes/SSL7-Everything for the turner, including courses.
Wealden04/14--Yes-Yes/SSL9-WEALDEN ROUTER CUTTERS and plenty of tips from the late, great Ron Fox.
Wickes05/14-YesYes--5-Limited range, tending towards DIY.
Wokingham Tools05/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL5-A limited selection of tools from DeWalt, Makita and Bosch.
Woodfit12/05--Yes-Yes/SSL7-Furniture fittings par excellence.
Woodrat05/14--YesYesYes/SSL7-All things Woodrat, including courses.
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By Newbie_Neil
Barr Tools06/14Yes---Yes/SSL7-Their tools are hand forged, sizes are approximate and may vary slightly.
Beall Tool06/14--Yes-Yes/SSL7-Lots to interest the turners.
Bridge City06/14Yes---Yes/SSL7-Some really futuristic looking hand tools .
Highland hardware07/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-Well worth a visit. A secure site that caters for international buyers. LN and Clifton.
Japan Woodworker07/14Yes---Yes/SSL6-Japanese hand tools. The cost of some of the Japanese planes is eye-watering.
Lee Valley/Veritas07/14Yes-YesYesYes/SSL99A must visit site, home of Veritas. A very well designed international web site.
Lie-Nielsen07/14Yes-YesYesYes/SSL8-Hand tool nirvana, the home of Lie-Nielsen. A simple to use site with good product care information. I particularly liked the way that the planes are shown in profile.
Miller Dowel07/14--Yes-Yes/SSL6-The home of the Miller Dowel. See the Brimarc site for UK stockists.
Dowelmax07/14--Yes-Yes/SSL5-The Dowelmax jig.
Rockler07/14YesYesYes-Yes/SSL8-Lots of jig making parts.
Vintage Saws07/14-----5-Roll up, roll up and buy your Disston here. They'll even sharpen it for you.
Woodcraft12/05YesYesYes-Yes/SSL6-Worth a look.
Wooden Post12/05Yes-YesYesYes/SSL4-primarily for turners. A very cluttered site.
Woodjoy12/05-----4-Definitely one for the hand tool lobby.
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By Newbie_Neil
You cannot buy anything from these sites as they are importers, distributors or manufacturers.

Hand, Power, Sundry and Spares. A Yes against any one of these means that they have details about items in the product type on their web site.

Ashley Iles12/05Yes---4-Specially for the turners and hand tool lobby.
Robert Sorby12/05Yes---4-Specially for the turners and hand tool lobby.
Akeda12/05--Yes-6-This is the home of the Akeda jig aka the Trend jig.
Bench Dog Tools12/05--Yes-6-This site showcases the high quality router tables that Bench Dog manufacture.
Clark & Williams12/05Yes---6-Hand made wooden planes.
Hock Tools12/05Yes---5-Offering You the World's Finest Blades for Planes and Other Hand Woodworking. As used by the Krenov school of woodworking.
Vacu Press12/05--Yes-5--
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By Newbie_Neil
Hi all,

The tool store list has been, hopefully, completely updated.

If there are any errors or omissions, please let me know. 8-[

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By Newbie_Neil
gregmcateer wrote:I've bought from toolnet and they delivered quickly and efficiently.

I've bought from them a few times and had the same experience.

However, I was very disappointed that their customer service was non-existent with my last order. I had ordered two items and they only had one of them in stock. Unfortunately they didn't contact me, they just waited a week for the second item to come into stock.

By woodfarmer
I may have missed it, but recently I bought stuff (for metal turning lathe) from Warco. there was an item missing, one call to after sales service had one in the post to me same day to France. I think they should be on your list.

I tend to judge companies not by their infallibility (which is good) but how they handle problems when something goes wrong.

For instance Amazon. For me here in France I can order from (USA) or Amazon.FR (France) and get stuff without any problems. If I order from 75% or more of it disappears when it arrives in their French depot. It got to the state where they were practically accusing me of stealing the stuff. So I won't actually can't use them for delivery to me here in France, but to a UK address is no problem. Warco, Axminster Tuff saws et al all have no problems, it is specific to

I have even included my sat nav co-ordinates in my address and delivery instructions because a Garmin satnav can't find me. Tom Tom, Viamichelin and google all work perfectly.

Such is life.
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By Newbie_Neil
Hi woodfarmer,

woodfarmer wrote:I may have missed it, but recently I bought stuff (for metal turning lathe) from Warco. there was an item missing, one call to after sales service had one in the post to me same day to France. I think they should be on your list.

Could you please give me a link to their site?