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By bp122
ED65 wrote:If you're up for making a couple of new strops I highly recommend you try two new types.

First is just plain MDF, just the factory surface. So this one should take you all of a minute :mrgreen:

Second is a faced strop but not using leather. The substrate can be anything really but use denim for the surface; I think you'll be mightily surprised at how well it works compared to leather, and the price is right!

It is like you read my mind! I was going to do exactly the same thing. All with MDF, one bare, two with Denim (one with each of the two compounds I have). I have been saving a lot of old clothes to use as rags etc. There are a couple of denims there. Should it be double layered or something or just a simple single layer stuck using PVA will do?
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By MikeG.
I used to use MDF, but found that once it got nicked by clumsily waving around a razor sharp edge it needed some attention, whereas leather self-repairs just by smoothing over with the blade you happen to have in your hand.
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By ED65
bp122 wrote:Should it be double layered or something or just a simple single layer stuck using PVA will do?

Just a single layer is what I used and it held up well. I didn't skimp on PVA and really clamped down hard using a clamping block for even pressure across the whole surface. It ends up a very firm surface without the give that one might expect.

This first one has lasted me about five years and I expect the next one to last far longer since A, I strop much less now than I used to (don't always finish by stropping and use fewer strokes when I do) and B, tend to strop more slowly than I did. I started by following Paul Sellers's method and have gradually migrated away from it as I came to realise you can get the same effect from fewer strokes taken more slowly/deliberately, and with much less chance of dubbing an edge.

Loaded the way I have it denim too can somewhat self-repair if you get a minor catch, and you can successfully glue down some more major catches but there's a limit obviously. I got a bad catch sometime last year that caused a ruck that wouldn't go away so I'm actually overdue for replacing the denim... but as you can tell from this being months ago a strop is still usable with a minor lump on it :D